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NHS ‘Stoptober’ Campaign Embraces the E-Cig and Vaping Community
E-Cig Community Embraced by NHS Stoptober Campaign

The NHS runs an annual ‘Stoptober’ campaign in an attempt to get people to quit smoking. This year, for the first time, the NHS has included e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco, which is a massive boost for both the e-cig and vaping industry. Don't believe it? Check out the following words directory from the Stoptober [...]

StopTober – Who’s running the Campaign?

StopTober Campaign While the UK NHS is most certainly the brains behind the UK-based StopTober campaign there are worrying signs that large tobacco and pharmaceutical groups are now having a greater influence. When the campaign initially started it was seen as "just another quit smoking campaign" although it has gained traction and popularity across the UK and [...]

StopTober – Take the Challenge

 StopTober could be a life changer for you The subject of smoking cessation is now mainstream news, especially with the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, and the UK NHS is certainly assisting the fight against tobacco cigarettes. The recent introduction of the so-called "StopTober campaign" initially started fairly quietly but has grown into something which is [...]