Infographic: Health and Economic Impacts of a Vaping Ban

It’s probably safe to say that the political attitude toward vaping in the United States has reached an all-time low. On one side, we have media outlets reporting about an outbreak of a terrible lung illness as if it has something to do with e-liquid vaping even though the actual cause of the illness appears [...]

Why It’s Worth It to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Mi Even Though the State Is Recreational
It’s Worth Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Recreational Legal States

When it comes to getting a medical marijuana card in a state where it is recreational there are many benefits. For one thing, if you actually need marijuana to help treat pain or another illness you have, then you already have all your answers on the relevant webpage. Health should be a priority in any [...]

Why Raising the Legal Vaping Age to 21 Would be Dumb
Why Raising the Legal Vaping Age to 21 Would be Dumb

"Vaping under 21? Not on my watch!" - On March 30th, Washington’s House Finance Committee voted to raise the state’s smoking age to 21. The legislation also includes e-cigarettes under the term “tobacco products”. In most US states, e-cig buyers have to be over 18. The exception is Hawaii, where the minimum age for vapers — [...]