iJoy Diamond Mini Review – Better than the Original?
iJoy Diamond Mini Starter Kit Review

iJoy Diamond Mini 225W TC Starter Kit is the smaller form factor of the visually-striking Diamond PD270, utilizing a dual 18650 battery-powered chassis and the pairing of the Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank. When I hear that a vape mod we reviewed a short while back has been downsized my first thought is that this new “mini” or [...]

The BOLD iPV Xyanide Starter Kit Review

I guess better late than never applies to this review for the Pioneer4You iPV Xyanide Starter Kit. We’ve had this magnificent starter kit here at Spinfuel HQ for almost 3 months, and every time it’s put on the whiteboard for review, something, some new special project or some review, knocks it down the editorial board. [...]

Uwell Ironfist 200W Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Uwell Ironfist 200W Mod Kit Full Review

“Never judge a book by its cover...” After all these years, my mother is still right. Because when I first saw the Uwell Ironfist 200W mod kit, I was… um … unimpressed. Sure, it was an attractive enough standard box mod. The specs seemed to match what we expect from a mod kit in this [...]

Sense Linked Vape Arrow Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Sense Linked Vape Arrow Mod Kit Review

In most of our reviews at Spinfuel VAPE, we commend companies for keeping things simple, cutting through the noise, and delivering a top-quality vaping product. It’s not that we don’t like advancement – we very much appreciate it when it enhances the act of vaping. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case with the new Sense [...]

The Totally New SMOK H-PRIV 2 Starter Kit w/Big Baby Prince Tank Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Cobra Pattern SMOK H-PRIV 2 Starter Kit Review

Had I not received a few SMOK Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tanks at the same time I received the SMOK H-PRIV 2 Kits, I would feel a whole lot better about the H-PRIV 2 Kit coming with a TFV12 Big Baby Prince. Now, I think this Starter Kit may have been a mistake.   Seeing the Resa Prince in person, using [...]

SMOK X-PRIV Mod/Prince Starter Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK X-PRIV Mod/Prince Starter Kit Review

The first of two reviews for the SMOK X-PRIV Starter Kit. The second review will publish tomorrow.It seems like more and more vape companies are producing “executive” type devices to complement the garish colors and bold LED displays that dominate store shelves. Of course, the ever-prolific SMOK wasn’t going to sit out this trend, and [...]

iJOY Elite PS2170 Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
iJOY Elite PS2170 21700 Cell Starter Kit Review

We love being pleasantly surprised, and that’s exactly what happened when we unboxed and fired up the new iJOY Elite PS2170 mod kit these past few weeks. While our entire team loves their two- and three-battery cloud machines, many of us are learning to appreciate simpler, less intrusive experiences when vaping. That’s exactly where the [...]

Think Vape Ruger 230W TC Compact Box Mod Preview
Think Vape Ruger 230W TC Compact Box Mod Preview

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several Think Vape DNA (review here) devices over the last few years, and have always enjoyed the company’s high-quality products and craftsmanship. But I surprised to hear the Think Vape Ruger 230W TC compact box mod would be made with a proprietary chipset, and not the vaunted DNA board.   As [...]

iJOY Captain X3 Triple-20700 Mod Kit Preview

I have a LOT of experience with iJOY Captain mods. But their latest – the iJOY Captain X3 Triple-20700 Mod Kit – may be the first one that can qualify as a potential game changer. That’s because this triple-20700 monster might finally provide the battery life boost we’ve all been seeking.   Of course, if you choose [...]

Vaporesso Revenger X 220W TC Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Vaporesso Revenger X 220W TC Kit Review

In my relatively short time with Spinfuel VAPE, only one device has been as polarizing among the full-time staff as the Vaporesso Revenger. While I had more than my share of trouble with the device (and its companion tank) other staff members found it to be a fantastic piece of hardware. But there’s not going [...]

SMOK Majesty Resin Edition Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK Majesty Resin Edition Kit Review

This is a tough review to write. Not because I don’t like the SMOK Majesty Resin edition – I do. But rather because I just reviewed the SMOK Majesty Carbon Edition, and other than the material used in the mod’s body, it’s nearly the same setup. But, notice I said “nearly.” Amazingly, despite having the same [...]

. Not only do the Conqueror and Firelord just look better together, but the combination also makes for a beautiful, high-performing, altogether potent vape device that will appeal to newcomers and veteran vapers alike.
FreeMax Firelord 80W Starter Kit Review

The FreeMax Firelord 80W starter kit is a thing of beauty. It’s not the most powerful setup in my collection. It’s not the most compact. It’s not even the easiest to use. But the shiny resin Conqueror mod, and the matching Firelord tank, might be the single-most beautiful pairing in my collection.   As we know, looks [...]

SMOK Majesty 230W TC Carbon Kit Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK Majesty 230W TC Carbon Kit Preview

Well, we’re certainly having a case of deja vu! Right on the heels of previewing the highly anticipated SMOK Majesty Resin kit, we learned we’re also getting the Carbon version, as well. Though the specs are the same, the distinct differences in finish and polish give the SMOK Majesty Carbon a much different look (and likely [...]

Vaptio N1 Pro Mod Preview Spinfuel VAPE
Vaptio N1 Pro Mod Starter Kit Preview

Though it didn’t get much attention when compared to its sibling devices, the Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 was a pretty innovative device. It may not have been the first device to run with multiple battery configurations, but it was certainly my favorite. Since then, several companies have attempted to ape that design and format, but [...]

SMOK OSUB King Full Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
SMOK OSUB King 220W TC Starter Kit Review

Each of my mods has a “venue.” By this, I mean, higher-end mods like my Asvape Michael stay safely in my office. My Alien and ProColor are pocketable for nights out. My compact Reuleaux RX Gen 3 is great for the garage, because it’s not easily knocked over. The dual-18650, 220-watt SMOK OSUB King is [...]