2nd Winner – Spinfuel Great Historic Giveaway

Julia Barnes talked with our 2nd Winner of the Historic Giveaway the other day, here is an except from that interview! Spinfuel: How long have you been vaping? Brian F: I have been vaping almost 3 years now! Spinfuel: What did you use to vape? Brian F: At first I used a Fuma eCig from a local tobacco shop [...]

Spinfuel Historic Giveaway – Winner – Jaimi Armour

Yes indeed, real people win real prizes here at Spinfuel eCigs Magazine. Last week, our first winner, Jaimi Armour, was the winner of all the great prizes by Mountain Oak Vapors, Vapor Phoenix, Vape Dudes, Ginger’s eJuice, and Virgin Vapor. We just had to ask Jaimi a few questions about herself and our giveaway. For your [...]

The Historic Spinfuel GIVEAWAY

Spinfuel  eMagazine is so very proud to present to the vaping community the most amazing, historic, eJuice Giveaway, simply called; The Spinfuel Giveaway Limited Edition. 4 great flavors by 4 great companies, have come together for first time to create a collection of their best creations in 4  60ML cobalt blue glass bottle and eyedropper presented in a [...]

eCigarettes Under Attack? You Bet – Time to Fight Back

 eCigarettes Under Attack I am a reformed political junkie. The height of my addiction was early 2008; after I had already spent 8 years watching every political TV show, going to debates (I lived in New Hampshire, after all) and even working on a few campaigns. Watching the 2008 campaign gave me a horrid look at [...]