Is Smoking Cigarettes A Necessary Evil? Yes!

Okay, John is really riled up today! From a sick society, to chain-smoking, to progressives, to Gov. Romney, to the middle-ages, he's on a rant. Just remember, sometimes the opinion by the editor does not reflect the opinion of Spinfuel as a whole...although this time, yea, it pretty much does - Julia Barnes We live in [...]

Smoking And Vaping Are Two Very Different Things

I Vape. I do not Smoke. What's So Hard To Understand? I have several friends that used to think I was crazy. Sure, they had, and have, some very good reasons to think so. I mean I have 5 cats for God’s sake. But, because I quit smoking way back in 1992 and took up vaping [...]

Reactions…. By The Spinfuel Staff

Spinfuel - Opinion Reactions to our Cover Story by the people that created them - Lisa Johnston - Jane Wilson - Tom McBride and Jason Little "You WANT me to start smoking?" #1 - Lisa Johnston – "Peace and Quiet at Last!" Four staff writers lived with 8 brands of eCigarettes for 8 weeks. In addition to the 8 [...]