aping vs. Smoking: Implications for Your Health and Finances
Vaping vs. Smoking: Implications for Your Health and Finances

Back in the early 20th century, smoking was considered one of the key fashion trends of the time period. It meant you were a person of status, and it was as in vogue as fashion choices are today. People had a feeling that cigarettes weren’t good for you, but they turned a blind eye until science [...]

6 Ways Vaping Can Reduce Stress
6 Ways Vaping Can Reduce Stress

Vaping is an effective way to reduce stress. It offers relaxation of body & mind, is cheap, relatively safe, and manages mood swings & eating disorders.   Stress is a common physiological term that implies the reaction of your body when you are under pressure. Vaping has been a prominent way to reduce stress. Stress Kills Stress doesn’t [...]

Will The World Turn Against Vapers?
Will The World Turn Against Vapers?

People have been smoking cigarettes for hundreds of years. And  within the space of ten years we have seen smokers bullied, vilified, and marginalized. Today  being a smoker is more akin to a social disease than a pleasant pastime. Is the same thing going to happen to vapers? Will the community, governments, and the media [...]

Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape State
Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape Town For Now

No vaping ban in Las Vegas parks, at least for now. Electronic cigarette use and vaping in Las Vegas parks will not be outlawed for now, although the Bill's sponsor said the issue might be raised again in the future. Well, good luck with that... Once again, even in Sin City, vaping is the Great Evil™ [...]

Washington State Aims for Permanent Vape Ban
Washington State Aims for Permanent Vape Ban

After an ignorant 120-day BAN on flavored vaping products, Washington wants a permanent ban, tougher regulations... the banning of ALL Vape Flavors. This makes Washington State the next Police State after Massachusetts. The government of Washington doesn't give a rat's ass that this past summer's lung illness was caused by illegal THC cartridges cut with Vitamin [...]

Opinion - Banning Flavors Hurts Adults like Me, Ex-Smoker Says
Banning Flavors Hurts Adults, Ex-Smoker Says

Ex-Smoker, and Vape Shop Owner tells his story about quitting cigarettes. Vaping saved him from an early death. How proposed regulations would hurt others trying to quit. These kinds of stories are heard everything now. Especially in Police States like Massachusetts where the Governor Charlie Baker couldn't care less about the "real" danger with THC cartridges [...]

India Bans All Manner of Vapes - Too Many People?
India Bans All Manner of Vapes – Too Many People?

While the sale and use of tobacco in India remain legal, electronic cigarettes will now be permanently banned. Does this make sense? If you lean toward on the sociopathic pragmatism, maybe it does. Certainly India Politicians have had their hands filled with terrible issues, crisis's, and other manner of destruction and nuclear nightmares, but one [...]

Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart
Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart

Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows. This is not news to me, or most Vapers. Hell, one of the first signs after switching to vaping is better breathing, slower heartbeat, and a more relaxed appearance. It happens fast too. From CNN: [...]

E-Cigarette Safety: Scientists Still Find e-Cigarette Benefits Far Outweigh Potential Risks
Scientists Find e-Cigarette Benefits Outweigh Risk

As of today corrupt politicians around the country continue to prepare and execute e-cigarette bans, as well as the ban on e-juice flavors, all based on a handful of homemade THC cartridges and e-juice made with a weird Vitamin E acetate. Just writing this sentence makes me think I entered the Twilight Zone. Even worse... Massachusetts [...]

Comparing Cigarettes With Vaping Devices
Comparing Traditional Cigarettes With Vaping Devices

Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes? This is a debate that has been going on for quite some time. If you are a regular cigarette smoker and you are trying to quit, then I am sure that the idea of switching to e-cigarettes has crossed your mind. According to Research, you are not alone; studies [...]

The Real Health Benefits of Vaping

The Health Benefits of Vaping  - It’s time to set the record straight regarding the risks and benefits of vaping. When this subject is broached, you’re bound to hear an incredible spectrum of opinions ranging from utterly baseless allegations and fearmongering to well-meaning but ill-informed members of the Concerned Citizen Brigade. With vaping on the rise [...]

Kids Still smoking… So they Blame Vaping?
Vaping Blamed for Teen Smoking – Say What?

Kids Still smoking… So they Blame Vaping? --- Most of the anti-vaping discussion centers on e-cigarettes and vape devices as smoking cessation tools. And their lack of current FDA regulation ensures this discussion will continue. But we have to admit, we never thought we’d see the day when vape devices would be blamed for MORE people [...]

Vaping (finally) credited for being a better smoking cessation aid than traditional methods
Vaping (finally) Credited for Smoking Cessation

Well, well, well... some good headlines for a change! Waking up this morning, I was greeted by an absolute deluge of positive vaping news. Apparently, a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has generated the most positive buzz to date supporting vaping as a smoking cessation tool. In fact, the numbers [...]

Smoking Relapse? 9 Tips to Recovery

If you’ve suffered a smoking relapse and now you're back to smoking cigarettes or some other tobacco product, do not beat yourself up over it. Everybody slips sometimes. As the old saying goes, “to err is human.” The less-known second line of that poem — “to forgive, divine” — is exactly the right reaction. Be kind to yourself. Here [...]

UK Mulling Over Vape Ads on Cigarette Packs
UK Mulling Over Vape Ads on Cigarette Packs

The United Kingdom is already at the forefront of global efforts to stub out smoking by urging smokers to use electronic cigarettes instead. Now, the nation is considering placing vaping adverts (Vape Ads) on cigarette packs to try and wean people off their unhealthy tobacco addiction. Yep. You heard that correctly ... vape ads on [...]