The Finances of Vaping Spinfuel VAPE
The Considerable Finances of Vaping

Technology and society are constantly changing. Just in the last decade, Uber has stepped in to dominate the ride-sharing industry, high-powered smartphones have replaced flip phones, and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have eclipsed cable television. Perhaps no change is more noticeable than the rise of vaporizers and the decline of traditional tobacco products like [...]

Vaping vs Smoking - How much do you save
Vaping vs Smoking – How Much Do You Save?

When it comes to answering the question; "How much can you really save with Vaping vs Smoking?", there’s not just one answer to this complicated question. The amount individuals spend on both vaping and smoking will largely vary due to personal opinions and habits. For example, someone who regularly smokes a pack of the most [...]