Vapor Liquid by Johnson Creek Vapor Company

Six New Vapor Liquids From Johnson Creek It is a big day for vapers and Johnson Creek ™Vapor Company. Along with the release of an amazing new box mod, the Vea™ Elite, powered by the Evolv DNA 40, a new line of “vapor liquid”, called the “Elite” line, is released as well. Read the Vea™ Elite [...]

Johnson Creek Founder’s Reserve™ – A Team Review

Founder’s Reserve™ – Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review By Tom McBride with Jason, Julia and Keira Founder’s Reserve™ is an ultra-premium eliquid (smoke juice) that is aged in real, honest-to-goodness whiskey barrels. These wood barrels are aged with bourbon whiskey, a flavor that shows up in abundance, and serves to make Founder’s Reserve™ one of the most flavorful, [...]

Founder’s Reserve by Johnson Creek! First Look & Taste!

The Cold Open And Johnson's Creek Founder's Reserve Smoke Juice "Founder’s Reserve™ is the first Smoke Juice by Johnson Creek to incorporate an aging and seasoning process in its production. The aging process gives Founder’s Reserve™ a flavor that’s smooth, complex, well rounded, and infused with the essence of the whiskey the barrel once held." That's the [...]

Kiln House Silverthorn Menthol by Johnson Creek

Kiln House Silverthorn Menthol – First Taste! Available today is Johnson Creek’s hugely successful Silverthorn eLiquid… in Menthol! For the past several days I have been vaping a menthol version of Silverthorn, and had you told me prior to my first vape with it that I would enjoy it, and embrace it, I would have said you’re stone [...]

Johnson Creek Chocolate Truffles

This review spans two pages...navigation at the bottom of the article A New Chocolate Truffle Line From Johnson Creek Johnson Creek has released three new smoke juice flavors today during what they’re calling the “Chocopalooza” holiday. Our eLiquid team was invited to celebrate early and for the past weeks we’ve been indulging in some of the best [...]

Blu eCigs Pro Kit Review

Question: When is Blu Cigs not Blu Cigs? • Answer: When they are sold in the UK. Foreword Warning: This review is likely to cause some confusion. Read with caution, or better yet, read the make believe boardroom meeting published earlier today to get a better idea of what we believe happened when Lorillard decided to take Blu [...]

Johnson Creek – Republic Tobacco Vaping is NOT Smoking?

Does Smoke Juice Have A New Meaning? For the past few days we’ve received several emails from our readers asking us what we thought about the Johnson Creek and Republic Tobacco partnership. Because we’ve written extensively about Johnson Creek’s products there seems to be an interest out there as to whether our position, or our opinion [...]

KILN HOUSE Genuine No.22 – NEW! Hand’s On Review!

Johnson Creek KILN House Genuine No. 22 – Tom McBride and John Manzione Prologue Yesterday morning our UPS driver shows up with a package from our friends at Johnson Creek Enterprises. Inside is a brand new bottle of KILN House Smoke Juice. It’s called Genuine No. 22. Instead of the normal review process I thought it might be [...]

Johnson Creek VEA – The Re-Review

Introduction You know, with all of the hardware that has passed through my hands both personally and professionally over the years, I realized recently that I had passed over some very popular PVs in the category I call “eGo style.” For example, I still to this day have never used the classic eGo-C battery-plus-spike-atomizer-plus-tank hardware combination. Never [...]


I’m going to begin this review the way I begin most eLiquid reviews: by telling you my experience with past offerings from the same line, and then letting you know which hardware I tested this liquid in and at which wattages. I feel these notes are important simply because, just as individual tastes vary, individual [...]

Johnson Creek Valet – First Look!

Johnson Creek Valet Is THE Stocking Stuffing If you’ve been reading Spinfuel eMagazine for even a short while you know that some of us love to use cartomizers. You probably also know that I talk about my Johnson Creek Vea quite a bit. For me, and for many thousands of others, the Vea is the perfect [...]

Johnson Creek Vea Canteen

The Vea Canteen by Johnson Creek Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN for the Johnson Creek Vea e cigarette. A new e-cigarette clearomizer for the vaping crowd. Lots of vapor, for a smooth, clean tasting vape. Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here, today with a review for the new Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN Clearomizer for their hugely popular Vea e-cigarette. Watch the [...]

VapeDudes Garners 10 Spinfuel Choice Awards

VapeDudes  January 14, 2013 – Today, VapeDudes was awarded 10 Spinfuel Choice Awards for their excellence in eLiquid artistry. The winning flavors are: Cinnamon Roll Pineapple Upside Down Vape Key Lime Pie Island Coconut Blue Honey American Standard Pina Colada Coconut Cream Banana Mama Bananas Foster VapeDudes was originally reviewed back in July 31st, 2012. The excellence in which VapeDudes creates their unique and satisfying flavors has always had them at the top-tier of the best eLiquid [...]

Johnson Creek Awarded 15 Spinfuel Choice Awards!

January 8, 2013 – Today, just as Johnson Creek was releasing another award-winning addition to their Red Oak PG-free line of Smoke Juice (Vanda), was awarded 15 Spinfuel Choice Awards for their excellence in eLiquid (Smoke Juice) artistry. The winning flavors are:     Johnson Creek (PG/VG Line) Spiced Apple Cider TN Cured French Vanilla Espresso Summer Peach Chocolate Truffle Autumn Crisp Red Oak (PG-Free Line) Red Oak TN Cured Silverthorn Domestic Solstice Marcado Wisconsin Frost Rainier Vanda Johnson Creek was originally reviewed back in July [...]

Johnson Creek Vanda eLiquid Review

Johnson Creek Vanda eLiquid Review Lead Writer: John Manzione, with Julia Barnes, Jason Little, Keira Hartley. Well, if it wasn’t the title that gave it away it was probably the graphic for this review. There’s no suspense here; Johnson Creek’s brand new flavor, Vanda, is not only a great addition to the PG-Free Red Oak line it is also a Spinfuel Choice Award [...]