SFATA Spring Cloud Competition @ Voltage Vape

Spinfuel's Daily Vape TV SFATA Spring Cloud Competition Have you ever seen such clouds before?  We held this event to raise money for the Massachusetts chapter of SFATA to fight for our right to vape on April 23rd. If the proposed bill goes through as written, it could mean the end of vaping in MA. Besides the fact [...]

SFATA Smokenjoey Interview VCCT Tampa

SUPPORT SFATA! VCC TAMPA COVERAGE 2015 Folks, I spoke with Cynthia Cabrera with the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) an organization that protects access and innovation of electronic cigarettes. Listen to her short story about RJ Reynolds and learn what they do to help the vaping industry and Vapers. Don't miss this interview. What SFATA Does As the [...]

Vapers Set To Fight Fire With Fire

Vapers Take Note Over the last few months we have seen electronic cigarette patents dragged through the courts, regulatory challenges and politicians in the US and around the world using unproven data to trash the industry. However, it seems that the vaping community is now set to fight fire with fire with news that The Smoke [...]