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RegalCigs Scam
SCAM ALERT 2014 – RegalCigs

The Regal Cigs SCAM is still out there. CONGRADULATIONS! You have been QUALIFIED for a smokeless e cig starter kit!  And so it goes, another electronic cigarette SCAM… First, [...]

american smoke test
American Smoke Scam – Worse Than We Thought

American Smoke Even Worse Scam Alert. Over the past year or so we have been attempting to alert consumers to various e-cigarette scams on the Internet. [...]

American Smoke Rebuffs Julia’s Scam Alert

Spinfuel received this comment from Bill F at 7:23PM on December 5th, 2013. We present it here, in it's entirety. We would love to read [...]

SCAM ALERT: American Smoke

UPDATE! December 6th, 2013 by Julia Hartley-Barnes Boy oh boy, has this scam alert created a stir or what? I guess it is time for a [...]

scamalert vapex
SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off

SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off Did you know that ONE 10ML Bottle of eLiquid is equivalent to 55 packs of traditional cigarettes? No? [...]

LiftVapor Slide
Will The Real Lift Vapor Please Stand Up

A Story of Redemption? - A New Commentary by John Manzione Please make sure you read the entire commentary to read the truth about Lift Vapor, [...]

scam alert ecigclub slide
SCAM ALERT: Now I’m just confused… eCigClub?

eCigClub Ripoff Report Last night we received an email from an interested reader who alerted us to yet another e-cigarette scam. But this one is different. [...]

eCigAid ScamAlert Slide

Scam Alert: ECIGAID EcigAid
6538 Collins Avenue #95
Miami Beach, FL 33141 Would you knowingly accept this Privacy Policy? We may share your contact information with our business partners or [...]

smokesmart slide
SCAM ALERT – Smoke Smart – Dallas Texas

Smoke Smart Ripoff We have never been more outraged then when your News Blog editor pointed out this ugly scam just yesterday. Smoke Smart, out of Dallas [...]

ScamAlert SmokeStar
e-Cigarette Scams Alert: Smoke Star (aka Lift Vapor)

The SmokeStar Rippoff Game Another day means more e-cigarette scams to warn you about. Today it’s Lift Vapor doing business as Smoke Star. (We can only [...]

liftvapor scam slide
E CIGARETTE SCAMS ALERT – LiftVAPOR aka, LiftCigs, aka, Saphire Cigs

Another eCigarette SCAMS ALERT: LiftVAPOR Rip-off LiftVAPOR Is A Horrible E Cigarette Brand And here we go again. This time, out of Connecticut comes LIFTVAPOR, , another rip-off [...]

saphire ecigs scam alert spinfuel
E CIGARETTE SCAMS – ALERTS: Saphire Electronic Cigarettes

e Cigarette Scams On February 5th, this comment was left by Saphire: " Please contact customer service @ 1-800-560-8417 to get an RMA for a return. Please be advised that we [...]

strangeturn feature
Regal Cigs Scam: A Strange Turn of Events

The Regal Cigs Scam : Aftermath A few months ago Spinfuel published an article called “SCAM ALERT: Regal Cigs is another PRADA Cigs. (If you want to [...]

apology feature
Bull Smoke – Martin Giles Apologies to Spinfuel

Bull Smoke Martin Giles Apology John, I apologize for my actions last week in the events that took place after our email exchange regarding our company's [...]

BullSmokeWar Slide
Bull Smoke’s Declaration of War

This morning, this email from Martin Giles, owner of Bull Smoke, was delivered in my InBox   Hi John, I see you published the review.  I'm less than [...]