Rocket Fuel Vapes – Two New e Liquids

Summer Sweet Tobacco Summer Cherry Limeade Rocket Fuel Vapes $6.50 - $16.00 - $58.00 Rocket Fuel Vapes has been a favorite brand of mine for a long time now, and I am well versed in their brand ‘flavor profile’. In fact, Rocket Fuel Vapes is one of only two brands that I will buy my tobacco blends from (the [...]

Don’t Fear The (Rocket Fuel Vapes) Reaper

Six Tobacco Flavors Rolled Into One All our times have comeHere but now they're goneSeasons don't fear the reaperNor do the wind, the sun or the rain... we can be like they areCome on baby... don't fear the reaperBaby take my hand... don't fear the reaperWe'll be able to fly... don't fear the reaperBaby I'm your [...]

Strawberry Fields … Forever

John Manzione Vapes Strawberry Fields from Rocket Fuel Vapes Trying a new eLiquid from one of my all-time favorite eLiquid labels is always a special treat. Sometimes its on purpose, and every once and a while its by complete accident. This is the tale of one of those accidents… A couple of weeks ago I had reordered [...]

Vapor Zeus + Harvest Moon = Perfect Companions

Perfect Companions If you’re like me you probably own a few different electronic cigarettes. Maybe an eGo, Spinner or Halo Triton, maybe advanced devices like a ProVari or one of the many iTaste devices, and maybe some mechanicals too. A lot of you collect various mods, and you have certain occasions when and where your mods [...]

Rocket Fuel eLiquid Review

Country Bumpkin And Harvest Moon – A Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review In Keira’s recent, and popular, column last week she wrote about the lack of limited edition, or time-limited eLiquids from eJuice brands. She made many good points, especially about certain seasonal flavors becoming major sellers and how they wind up being put in the [...]

Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review – Four More

The Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review After the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team reviewed Rocket Fuel Vapes the first time I knew that we would have to revisit them on more than one occasion. With so many other eLiquid reviews coming up though, it could have been a while. So I decided to make do with a [...]

Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review – Three For Me

Although I was a part of the first Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review I really felt that I could have spent more time with the eLiquid than I ultimately did. Yes, 72 hours is a good while to get to know an eLiquid’s character and to make a call as to whether it's award-worthy or [...]

The Interview: Rocket Fuel Vapes

The Interview With Rocket Fuel Vapes Read the eLiquid Review! SPINFUEL: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit for this interview. How long has Rocket Fuel Vapes been in business and how many eLiquid ‘flavors’ did you launch with? How many flavors do you have now?  Rocket Fuel Vapes: Our official public launch [...]

Rocket Fuel Vapes Review

The Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review Rocket Fuel Vapes began their foray into the eJuice business not long ago. After spending some 72-plus hours with 12 of their finest eLiquids I think they were destined to find their way into the eJuice marketplace. It seems clear to me that some people are just meant to be [...]