VUSE Rechargeable – Smokenjoey Review

Smokenjoey is Back! The VUSE Rechargeable Reviewed! Hi Folks, This is a complete review of the Vuse Rechargeable Digital Vapor Cigarette by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company-- You would think they could produce a great eCigarette - Did They? Check out my review with Spinfuel eMaganzine's very own Publisher, John Manzione. For more information, Tips and coupon codes go [...]

95% eCigarette Tax? Smokenjoey And Greg Conley

95% eCigarette Tax? What is the Greg Conley & AVA is doing to stop these ridiculous  state taxes.  Recorded at the VCCTN in Chattanooga Greg Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, Talks about what they have done to protect vaping. I was surprised of the taxes they beat down at a state level--everyone and especialling eCig and [...]

Is R.J. Reynolds running scared?…

... of the vaping community? It is quite bizarre to see R.J. Reynolds, a major player in the tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette industry, calling for a ban on so-called open system vaporising units. To the general public electronic cigarettes and vaporising units are seen as one and the same so why would one of the [...]

VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette – The Review

The VUSE Disposable VUSE, an e cigarette from R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, is being test marketed in a couple of states around the country. Unfortunately for Spinfuel eMagazine, they are not available anywhere near us. Fortunately for us the vape community, and in particular our readers that access Spinfuel eMagazine through our Facebook page, are spread [...]