Regulatory Trends – Where Will Vaping Be in 2015/2016 ?

Vaping Regulations In The Coming Year(s) Vapers are all aware that vaping is under attack on multiple levels from three different types of government – the federal government, state, and local governments. Although most are discomforted by what seems like the relentless, biased attacks against vaping interests, it can be hard to discern specifically where the [...]

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Anti-Vaping? Put Up Or Shut UP

Anti-Vaping? Well, Put up or shut up! Since the pharmaceuticals, tobacco companies and politicians realised that the vaping industry is going nowhere there have been constant attacks on the sector. Innuendo, rumours, untruths and every other media related attack strategy has failed to bring down the sector. So, now is the time for politicians, large corporations [...]

NoNic™ Nicotine Replacement
Could NoNic™ Bypass Nicotine Regulations?

 About NoNic™ Nicotine Replacement About NoNic™ - For quite some time I started giving serious thought to what we, as vapers, can really expect from the “deeming regulations” (I think deeming regulations as become a vaper specific meme these days). I’ve wondered if the FDA might try to sneak one past the goal post by coming [...]

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Using Doubt As A Weapon Against Electronic Cigarettes

File Under = Electronic Cigarettes Think I‘m STOOPID? Show Me The facts! As the walls continue to close in on the vaping industry the community is fighting back and not taking everything peddled by critics as fact. We have the US government, the FDA, tobacco companies and a whole host of other critics joining forces with one [...]

FDA - Get you ass out of my Vape Shop!
FDA: Get your Ass out of my Vaping Store!

Get your Ass out of my Vaping Store! As a prominent FDA director waits to spill the beans on future regulation of vaping industry on the 22nd and 23rd April, there is growing concern amongst the vaping community. There are a number of issues which need to be addressed sooner rather than later which include: – Who [...]

Stupid people
Stupid Stupid People

Stupid…Stupid People The number of times I shake my head during the normal course of the day increases exponentially to the number of times I spend time reading the news published to our Vaper’s News section. The ignorant, arrogant, holier-than-thou anti-vaping idiots are actually beginning to force changes in the law in the US and Europe. The [...]

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Battle of Ohio, General E liquid Custard’s last stand?

Mark Benson And The Battle For Ohio All over the US there seem to be battles breaking out between local authorities and the vaping industry with regards to regulations and taxes. The latest battle, and one which the vaping community needs to win, is the battle for Ohio with the authorities looking to introduce a tax [...]

Dimitri Smokenjoey VCCT Tampa Interview
Smokenjoey Interviews Dimitris Agrafiotis

A VCC Tampa 2015 Interview with Dimitri Agrafiotis Hi Folks, Dimitris Agrafiotis tells me the latest on state/local eCigarette legislation that affects us all and what Vendors and Vapers can do to help stop some of these ridiculous proposals- a must see video Dimitris Agrafiotis www.smokenjoey.com FROM SMOKENJOEY.COM Hi Folks, Dimitris Agrafiotis the VapinGreek tells me the latest on state/local eCig legislation [...]

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Vapers Set To Fight Fire With Fire

Vapers Take Note Over the last few months we have seen electronic cigarette patents dragged through the courts, regulatory challenges and politicians in the US and around the world using unproven data to trash the industry. However, it seems that the vaping community is now set to fight fire with fire with news that The Smoke [...]

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The Press And Negative Vaping News

Is the press only interested in negative vaping industry news? Supporters of the vaping industry have for some time suspected that the wider mass media would prefer to print controversial eye-catching headlines rather than positive run-of-the-mill electronic cigarette medical research. Even though the media has defended itself against such claims in the past, things have certainly [...]

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Why Does Vaping Continue To Beat The Authorities?

Mark Benson on besting the authorities at every turn If you look at news articles on a regular basis you will see an array of US state authorities attempting to bring in a variety of restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. You could be mistaken for assuming that these attempts to crack [...]

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eLiquid Regulations Are Needed

Trust But Verify – The eLiquid Industry and Regulations Indiana Senate Bill 539 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Introduction My initial reaction to the Indiana’s legislation of Senate Bill 539 was outrage. But that outrage was pretty much limited to the ridiculous amount of the proposed $5000 permit fee that eliquid manufacturers would have to [...]

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Big Tobacco’s War On Vaping Devices

What's Really Going On Behind The Scenes? There has been speculation for some time now that the big tobacco companies in America are looking to influence state authorities, regulators and the federal government. The ongoing popularity of electronic cigarettes and the various vaping devices available today has made a major dent in the finances of the [...]

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Electronic Cigarette Regulations In 2015?

Will we finally see electronic cigarette regulations in place during 2015? While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has huffed and puffed regarding electronic cigarettes, we still await the final draft for future regulations. What was initially a two-year review of the industry is now more of a three-year review and while progress has been made, [...]

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TV And eCigarettes

Vaping On The TV The UK authorities recently lifted a number of restrictions on electronic cigarette advertising in the UK which prompted the first advert to be aired last night. This is the first time in decades that any form of smoking/vaping has been advertised on mass-market television although even before the advert was aired there [...]