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Understanding How Canadians Vape
Understanding How Canadians Vape

In response to the backlash vapers are currently facing, 180 Smoke has created a helpful infographic that provides an accurate portrayal of the habits, preferences, [...]

Going Abroad With Your E-Cigarette This Summer
Going Abroad With Your E-Cigarette This Summer

Chances are you’ll be planning — or will already have planned — your summer vacation by now. For us vapers who are traveling outside of [...]

Will America Follow European Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes - Pascal Culverhouse for Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Electronic Cigarettes Will America Follow European Regulations?

In recent years, the regulation of the electronic cigarettes industry has significantly increased, be it via the Food & Drug Administration in America, or European [...]

Corrupt FDA - Vendors speak out, will corruption in the highest offices kill vaping?
Corrupt FDA – Three Vendors Talk

The Corrupt FDA's Attempt To Kill Vaping What Are Vendors Thinking About The Corrupt FDA Actions? I have to admit, my first thoughts when I read a synopsis [...]

Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain – Vaping Marijuana can relieve pain – Spinfuel eMagazine
Medical Marijuana – Up in Vape

Up in Vape Vaping Marijuana and Pain Greetings and salutations from your friendly neighborhood Vaping Man! Hahaha, a bit of humor before we get started on this [...]

FDA Vaping Kills – Harmless Vapor Becomes Enemy #1
Harmless Vapor Becomes Enemy #1

FDA Kills – Harmless Vapor Becomes Enemy #1 While our publisher prepares his response to the FDA’s action against every vaper in the America, I’ve decided [...]

How the TPD will Affect the UK
How the TPD will Affect the UK

While many people are still in shock over the announcement on May 5th, 2016, by the FDA, which essentially proved that every effort made by [...]

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016
The Great Vape Hoax of 2016

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016 As the majority of people realized only minutes after reading Julia’s spectacular post yesterday on the China ban of e-cigarette [...]

Pascal Culverhouse - Compared to Australia, where buying or selling nicotine fluid is illegal, the UK’s laws on vaping are fairly relaxed.
Pascal Culverhouse – UK and e-Cigarettes

What can other countries learn from the United Kingdom’s attitude towards e-cigarettes? By Pascal Culverhouse of the Electric Tobacconist An exclusive column from Pascal Culverhouse for Spinfuel [...]

vaping advocate commentary
The Vaping Advocate

The Vaping Advocate – A Commentary During the past 4 years of publishing Spinfuel eMagazine, we have been asked hundreds of times about where we stand [...]

JulieSelesnick Anti Vaping Slide
Anti-Vaping Spreading Fear

Anti-Vaping and Anti-Vaccinators: Spreading Fear at the Cost of Public Health While using electronic cigarettes isn’t the same as being vaccinated against a serious disease, there [...]

united renee slide
On Vaping: United We Stand!

On Vaping: United We Stand  My vaping friends, there is something you must know.  You are part of a minority. And you are under attack.  Although it’s [...]

ecigeconomy slide
Could The FDA Really Kill 7000+ Vape Shops?

7000+ Vape Shops Are At Risk There has been a recent call from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) to put pressure on the FDA to [...]

vaping in the uk
Vaping e-Cigarettes In The UK? Where?

Where are you allowed to 'Smoke' E-Cigarettes in the UK? Prior to the ban on smoking in public places that came into force in the UK [...]

Regulatory Trends – Where Will Vaping Be in 2015/2016 ?

Vaping Regulations In The Coming Year(s) Vapers are all aware that vaping is under attack on multiple levels from three different types of government – the [...]