Vital Little Essentials For Medical Marijuana Use
Medical Marijuana Use – The Little Essentials

Marijuana, aka, Cannabis, has been getting more popular across the world due to continuous legalization for recreational use and more so, for medicinal use. Medical marijuana’s popularity is accelerating because it has capabilities that help relieve ailments especially related to chronic pain. Many patients suffering from several diseases including some cancers, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy [...]

Marijuana -How long will THC Stays in Your Bloodstream?
How long will Marijuana “THC” Stay in Your Bloodstream?

Do you use marijuana? Are you desperately wanting to know how long THC remains in your bloodstream? Maybe scheduled for a job interview? To answer the question straight away, THC (the chief psychoactive compound in cannabis) could stay in the blood for anything between 3 and 30 days. How long is THC detectable via drug testing? The frequency [...]

Legalize Cannabis on the Fed Level? Vote Upcoming
Legalize Cannabis on the Fed Level? Vote Upcoming

While several States and Fed Senators are threatening the simple act of vaping e-liquid with a simple vape mod, the Federal Government is about to vote on legalize Cannabis (cannabis is the name we prefer, not marijuana) one the "Federal Level". That is a much bigger thing than people realize. If the vote were to pass and [...]

How to Pick the Best Marijuana Strain
How to Pick the Best Marijuana/Cannabis Strains

Any marijuana enthusiast knows how to pick out the best cannabis strains for their tastes. After all, cannabis culture emphasizes quality from a subjective point of view. In other words, picking out the right strain involves knowing what it is you want that hits the right highs. This, of course, is an ability that any [...]

Analyzing The Best Places To Buy Bongs Online
Bongs – Analyzing The Best Places To Buy Online

At this point in time, more people than ever have started smoking cannabis. There are numerous ways to smoke. ( I prefer a good bong more than anything else) However, some methods will prove to be more effective than others. With that being said, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to choosing a [...]