Uwell Crown 3 III Sub-Ohm Tank Full Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Full Review

The Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank The Uwell Crown 3 is a modern sub-ohm tank that provides excellent performance (for stainless steel coils), and rich clouds of vapor with better-than-average flavor. Not exactly a resounding endorsement, is it? That doesn’t mean I don’t like the Crown 3. I do like it. It’s just, well, after more [...]

Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Preview Spinfuel Vape Magazine
The Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Preview The Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank is here, and priced at $31.95 (Element Vape), it seems as though Uwell has another hit on its hands. Our shipment of Crown 3’s arrived just yesterday, so we won’t be ready with a full review for a week, at least, but we can [...]

Uwell Crown 2 Review

The Uwell Crown 2 Introduction The Uwell Crown is a favorite Sub-Ohm tank among everyone here at Spinfuel. When I watched Julia lay out $99.99 for a Limited Edition Crown a few months back I knew she had to be serious about this awesome tank. Now, the Uwell Crown 2 tank is out among us, and although [...]

Sub-Ohm Tanks - Is There A Limit? A Vaping with Julia Column
Sub-Ohm Tanks – Is There A Limit?

Sub-Ohm Tanks - Vaping with Julia Column Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed more reviews for sub-ohm tanks than usual. So far, all the sub-ohm tanks have received excellent grades for flavor and vapor production, but are they worthy of your hard earned cash? The question above is something I’ve been struggling with [...]

Uwell Rafale Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
Rafale by Uwell – A Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Uwell Rafale Tank Review Uwell Rafale Sub Ohm Tank – MyVaporStore - $28.95 Uwell Rafale Replacement Coils – Pack of 4 - $10.95 The Uwell Rafale Tank is the sub-ohm tank I was most looking forward to reviewing. From it’s impressive packaging (see photos) to it’s fine engineering and precise construction I held out hope that this just might be [...]