Provari v3 Show And Tell – Vapor Trail Channel

Tony Brittan Unboxes and Enjoys The New Provape Provari v3 Hosting this channel, I end up with a lot of mods and other gear. Already owning a Provari Mini 2.5, I knew that the Provari v3 was going to be an awesome piece of vape gear! As soon as I could find a place to buy [...]

#MarriedAtFirstSight Provari 3 Giveaway Begins

#MarriedAtFirstSight - Well, I said I would do it if Jamie and Doug said they would stay together…and they did. Why A #MarriedAtFirstSight ProVari 3 Giveaway The Show Is The Reason Just in case you’ve never heard of this show before (I know I know, you may not care), here’s a little background first so you’ll understand why [...]