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Procyon by ProVape – The Definitive Review

Procyon by ProVape -  Julia’s Review Yes, straight up; I’m a ProVape™ fan-girl. I have been since my first ProVari™. I purchased the ProVari™ Radius sight unseen, because I just knew how much these guys pour over every tiny detail to get it right. It was only a matter of time for me to bring the [...]

Provari™ Radius Review Part 2

ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part Two Part Two The longer I use the ProVari™ Radius the more I begin to understand the nuances of this remarkable box mod. But it hasn’t been clear sailing all the time, so today in Part Two I’d like to begin with the ProVape P3/510 adapter and then move on to other [...]

ProVari Radius by ProVape – Review Part 1

ProVape Provari Radius HotShot™ Boost - AccuSet® Technology - SubOhm 0.3 - P3 Connector Introduction The ProVari™ Radius by ProVape was not sent to me for review. I purchased this new box mod, or rather Spinfuel did, and this review reflects my personal opinions and impressions of this device. I’ve been a ProVape fan-girl since I purchased my first [...]

Provari Radius Preorders Start Now

Shipping in 3 to 4 weeks, a brand new vaporizer from ProVape, the Provari Radius promises to become the best American made all-new box mod vaporizer ever made. Spinfuel will soon have a complete review of this marvelous new device ready to go, so stay tuned. NEW ProVari™ Radius The NEW ProVari™ Radius is a powerful microprocessor [...]

Will Sub-Ohm Tanks Affect ProVari P3 Sales?

Limitations Of The ProVari P3 - Is It Serious? ADDENDUM: MAY 7TH, 2015 - Last night we received some information; ProVape customers, and potential customers, will find it very encouraging. While still pumping out 20w of power, the new ProVari P3 update, called Version 38,  includes the ability to fire down to 0.5-ohm resistance! For all [...]

Provari v3 Show And Tell – Vapor Trail Channel

Tony Brittan Unboxes and Enjoys The New Provape Provari v3 Hosting this channel, I end up with a lot of mods and other gear. Already owning a Provari Mini 2.5, I knew that the Provari v3 was going to be an awesome piece of vape gear! As soon as I could find a place to buy [...]

#MarriedAtFirstSight Provari 3 Giveaway Begins

#MarriedAtFirstSight - Well, I said I would do it if Jamie and Doug said they would stay together…and they did. Why A #MarriedAtFirstSight ProVari 3 Giveaway The Show Is The Reason Just in case you’ve never heard of this show before (I know I know, you may not care), here’s a little background first so you’ll understand why [...]

ProVari Giveaway idea
Julia’s Married at First Sight Provari Giveaway

The Married At First Sight Provari Giveaway – Seriously PLEASE READ: Julia Hartley-Barnes is the person behind this ProVari giveaway. This giveaway does not have the blessing from the TV Show Married At First Sight, it is not connected to the show in any way, this is all Julia. Because, for some reason, she cares about this. - [...]

Dragon themed ProVape Provari
Dragon ProVari – Vaping with Julia

The Girl with the Dragon ProVari About 6 or 7 weeks ago (!) I saw a photo on Google Plus that showed the most beautiful Provari I’ve ever seen. Not the usual hybrid colors, or satin finishes, but something grander, bolder, and limited in edition. This was the Dragon Provari, a wicked carved dragon covering most of [...]

Kaderabek Looks At The Z-Atty Pro

Review: The Z-Atty Pro for ProVari I am a sucker for messing around with rebuildable atomizers (RBA). So, when I was asked to review on the Z-ATTY-PRO my fingers started twitching. I am a push over for RBA's because they give me the control over my vaping experience by allowing me to wrap different resistant coils [...]

ProVape Z-Atty Pro – A Walkabout

The ProVape Z-Atty – Professional Level RBA When I asked our resident Rebuildable Atomizer Expert (Tom McBride) about atomizers, the rebuildable kind, he gave me some great advice, great tips, and some hands on training. I can now wrap coils, build wicks, and strip a rebuildable atomizer in the dark and put it back together. Okay, [...]

A New ProVape Provari APV Joins The Family

Provari - The Rolls Royce of Advanced Personal Vaporizers? Foreword Reading over our review of the ProVari mini from last June (here) I decided that rather than reiterate much of what was written back then, and update it to include the newest technological improvements with v2.5, that it would be interesting to take a look at some [...]

ProVape Provari Review – The Mini in Black

This long-awaited ProVape ProVari review, and the accompanying ‘Interview’ with the team of ProVape, will, I hope, allow the ProVari to be appreciated by an even larger audience of vapers than it has today. In addition, perhaps I can put a little more “realism” into future discussions about a legendary PV (Personal Vaporizer). “Designed and Manufactured in [...]

The ProVape Team Interview

  The ProVape Interview AS it is with any of our major reviews, we love to get with one of the founders, or at least one of the top executives to discuss their products, or the industry. We would be excited to meet with a V.P., or even the CEO’s like Jason Healy, Ken Burg, or Nick Molina. [...]