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Freeman Vape Juice – A Special Eliquid Review

120mL Gorilla Bottles, $19.99 per 120mL, Made in House with an ISO-8 facility, ships free, and, of course, made in the USA. That’s Freeman Vape Juice (website here), and after 2 weeks of vaping several of their flavors, I’m ready to render my verdict on whether or not this is an eliquid brand our readers [...]

The Artisan Collection Review

 The Artisan Collection by Vaporfi - A Review There is a video review by John Manzione here Vaporfi (pronounced Vapor-FIE rhymes with PIE), a company with an enormous amount of vaping products, including severalines of eliquid, has launched a super premium “collection” called, appropriately enough, the “Artisan Collection”. Comprised of a wide array of flavor profiles the [...]