PTMAs comes 10 months early
US Vape Industry PMTAs Shakedown by FDA Continues

The PMTA Law Comes 10 Months Earlier - To all the well-informed folks in our vape community that have supported tobacco harm reduction as well as The Plume Room's "mission" over the years, we send you our gratitude and a big hug inside this guest contribution in Spinfuel VAPE. The FDA PMTA Shakedown Some of you may already know that the [...]

Politics of Vaping and the Fall of the Free World

Politics of Vaping and the Fall of the Free World - Right down to the core of my being I know, I KNOW, these are the last days of modern civilization. “The end is nigh”. That sentence has been spoken generation after generation, after generation... and yet the disastrous end was always kept at bay. [...]

Vaping - Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: There is No “Vaping Vote” That Can Wield Any Power
Vaping Vote and the Presidential Race

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: There is No “Vaping Vote” That Can Wield Any Power As a lifelong, diehard, Massachusetts liberal, it has been quite a unique experience finding myself electronically marching alongside a majority conservative and libertarian community on an issue of great importance to me: vaping truth and advocacy. It is excellent company at that; [...]

I Can Vape If I Want To!

The Vape and the Mark Benson The last few weeks have seen state authorities attempting to ban electronic cigarettes indoors, ban the sale on ecigs on the Internet, restrict use in outside locations and, unsurprisingly, introduce taxes. So, what gives the authorities the right to tell me what I can and can't do? They have sold [...]

Using Doubt As A Weapon Against Electronic Cigarettes

File Under = Electronic Cigarettes Think I‘m STOOPID? Show Me The facts! As the walls continue to close in on the vaping industry the community is fighting back and not taking everything peddled by critics as fact. We have the US government, the FDA, tobacco companies and a whole host of other critics joining forces with one [...]

Smear Campaign over eCigarettes and vaping
eCig Smear Campaign Blown Out Of The Water

When Facts Don't Support You, Use A Smear Campaign... Whether you are looking towards the UK, US or any other part of the world, many politicians have argued that electronic cigarettes are nothing but a gateway to their tobacco counterparts. This is an argument which has infuriated the electronic cigarette industry, vaping community and indeed many [...]