PTMAs comes 10 months early
US Vape Industry PMTAs Shakedown by FDA Continues

The PMTA Law Comes 10 Months Earlier - To all the well-informed folks in our vape community that have supported tobacco harm reduction as well as The Plume Room's "mission" over the years, we send you our gratitude and a big hug inside this guest contribution in Spinfuel VAPE. The FDA PMTA Shakedown Some of you may already know that the [...]

Online vape vendor
Life After 8/8 The Online Vape Vendor

What The Online Vape Vend0r Needs to Know The Online Vape Vendor must be careful  The FDA scans websites (online vape vendors) for retailers who sell tobacco.  Especially roll your own.  They find some items, descriptions or lack of warnings to issue warnings.  The Enforcement Policy listed below has been around for some time.  You may not think [...]

The PMTA Process - Wendy Bivona Spinfuel eMagazine
PMTA required for ENDS – The Process

This PMTA business is long... and to be honest, bureaucratic nonsense. PMTA Explained The PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application), is now required for all ENDS and e-juices not on the market before February 2007.  Keep in mind there was no e-juice, tanks, or batteries over 180mAh before 2007. Substantial Equivalence A substantially equivalent tobacco product has been found by FDA [...]

Dynamic Creations – Eliquid Manufacturing

Dynamic Creations E-liquid Manufacturing As the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team approached this review it became obvious that this was not going to be the average Spinfuel eLiquid Review where we discussed each flavor in detail, and gave our ‘score’ for each one presented. No, this is a review for one of the up and coming certified [...]