Pioneer4You IPV V-IT Mod Review
Pioneer4You IPV V-IT Mod Review

Okay, we’re a little late to the party here, with some of our compatriots reviewing the IPV V-IT as far back as November 2018. But better late than never, right? [ED: Wrong] After wondering if we were ever going to see another mod enabled with a YiHi chipset, we finally got our hands on the [...]

Pioneer4You IPV Trantor Mod Review
Pioneer4You IPV Trantor SX500A Mod Review

Please allow me to paraphrase Shakespeare here: “YiHi, or not YiHi… that is the question.” Stupid way to start a vape mod review? Maybe, but I feel like my recent experiences with YiHi-enabled mods have been more “miss” than “hit.” Could the iPV Trantor mod be the device that changes my mind about YiHi? Well, [...]

The BOLD iPV Xyanide Starter Kit Review

I guess better late than never applies to this review for the Pioneer4You iPV Xyanide Starter Kit. We’ve had this magnificent starter kit here at Spinfuel HQ for almost 3 months, and every time it’s put on the whiteboard for review, something, some new special project or some review, knocks it down the editorial board. [...]

Pioneer4You Trantor YiHi SX500A Mod Kit Preview
Pioneer4You Trantor YiHi SX500A Mod Kit Preview

The IPV Trantor mod is another new entry in the vaping marketplace from Pioneer4You. Not quite the head-turner as the IPV Xyanide Kit it’s still a fully capable mod running on the latest YiHi SX500A chipset. Powerful, capable, and durable, if the Xyanide was too “busy” for you, the Trantor might be just the thing. The IPV [...]

Pioneer4You iPV Eclipse 200W TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse 200W TC Box Mod REVIEW

The Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse 200W Box Mod is available now at here at - Element Vape. Not since my last college relationship have I used the term “roller coaster of emotions.” While that may seem like an odd way to begin a vape mod review, that’s exactly how I felt using the Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse. Because, I [...]

Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
Pioneer4You iPV Eclipse 200W TC Preview

After a summer that featured one of the most overhyped events in recent memory, the “total solar eclipse,” I find it peculiar that any company would name a vape device after an event that failed to deliver on so many levels. This is a preview for the Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse. About the IPV Eclipse Okay, I’m just [...]

Pioneer4You iPV Velas Box Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Pioneer4You iPV Velas Box Mod Review

In Spanish, “velas” roughly translates to “candle,” which somewhat makes sense considering the Pioneer4You iPV Velas has a club-worthy LED light show built into the chassis. Of course, I also found out that “velas” is used in Spanish to describe a “vigil.” Sadly, like a vigil, this review isn’t a happy occasion...After opening the plain white [...]

Pioneer4you IPV8 230W TC Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Pioneer4you IPV8 230W TC Box Mod Review

Pioneer4you IPV8 230W TC Box Mod Pioneer4you has a tendency to release devices very rapidly without taking the time to create something new and separate from the repetitive one after the other mantra. Quantity over quality seems to fail miserably especially in the vape industry. Pioneer4you are most known for their IPV lineup of Box Mods [...]

Pioneer4you IPV6x TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Pioneer4You iPV6x Box Mod Review

Pioneer4you IPV6x Review "Spinfuel has learned that Pioneer4You has initiated a voluntary recall of the IPV box mods, including the eagerly anticipated IPV 6x. While we certainly stand behind our review, and there is no safety issue when used correctly, we recommend that inexperienced vapers who have purchased the IPV 6x read the recall notice and [...]

iPV400 200W TC Box Mod Review
iPV400 200W TC Box Mod Review

iPV400 200W TC Box Mod Review The iPV400 TC Box Mod arrived at Spinfuel HQ a few weeks now, and I’ve been using it off and on since then, trying to decide how to approach the review as honestly as possible, without confusing anyone. It wasn’t easy. The SX Pure technology takes a bit to explain, [...]

Pioneer4You iPV4s Review

iPV4s Review, by J. C. Martin, III General Opinions And Attributes Of The iPV4s The Pioneer4You iPV4s is the latest edition in the IPV4 series, and this ‘upgrade’ adds some very useful new features. You’ll find the iPV4s to be slightly slimmer in size to the IPV3-Li and has more rounded edges. Even the grip has been improved over [...]

Pioneer4You IPV D2 Box Mod

IPV D2 Pioneer4You Price Range: $50-$65USD Grade: A+ 75 Watt Box Mod with Temp Control Overview The IPV D2 Box Mod is the newest addition to Pioneer4You's impressive lineup of IPV mods. The IPV D2 Mod by Pioneer4You is the latest ‘take’ on an IPV Mini V2 mod but now offered with temperature control, higher wattage and lower atomizer resistance, and a [...]

Pioneer4You IPV4 Video Review – Daily Vape TV

The Pioneer4You IPV4 Review Just a quick look at the IPV4 and my initial thoughts. Definitely something missing from this device but overall it's solid and has its place in the market. Full review coming soon! Pioneer4you 100-Watt Box Mod The new 100 watt IPV4 by Pioneer4you is widely avaliable for around $65-$70. The new IPV4 is the latest regulated mod from Pioneer4you, and [...]

Smokenjoey IPV 4
Pioneer4You IPV4 Updated Review Smokenjoey

Pioneer4You IPV4 Update Video Hi Folks- I did review the IPV4 100 watt box mod 10 days earlier then I gave it to Andy, who works at my local vape shop. I asked him to use for a week and let me know what his thoughts are. Wow, He does have a few that were not [...]

The IPV4 100w Review

Spinfuel Written Review - IPV4 100w Without question, Pioneer4You’s IPV4 has a built in audience of fervent vapers that cannot wait to get their hands on one, and in a matter of days (May 12th 2015) they will have that opportunity. Will it be worth the wait? Is there more to the IPV4 then its reputation [...]