Chinese manufacturers form SEVIA USA
SEVIA USA – A Coalition Formed To Fight Regulations

Chinese Manufacturers Form SEVIA USA We have heard it many times, "What is China doing to assist in the fight to keep vapor products around?". On January 20th 2016 over 100 ecig manufacturers came together at a conference in Shenzhen China to commit their resources and financial support in the fight against unfair and burdensome FDA [...]

Phil Busardo Interview Smokenjoey VCCPS
Smokenjoey – Phil Busardo Interview VCCPA

Phil Busardo Sits With Smokenjoey Hi Folks, Join Phil Busardo and I as we get personal about family, Work, Vaping, QuadCopters and yes Dimitris Agrafiotis At the VCCPA 2015 in Pittsburgh. Should the US FDA and the lawmakers in the capital  manage to severely restrict the sale of advanced vaporizers and e liquid we will take a [...]

Smokenjoey’s Phil Busardo Interview

More Coverage from the VCCNE! Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here. What you're about to see is my interview with Phil Busardo, better known as PBusardo, recorded at the VCCNE in Springfield MA (June 28/29/2014). In this interview Phil opens up about his personal life, traveling, doing these kinds of shows, and much more. Then, John Manzione, takes [...]