The Fantastic Uwell Caliburn AK3 13W Pod Kit - A Review
The Unbelievable Uwell Caliburn AK3 13W Pod Kit – A Review

A review of the Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod Mod Kit? Indeed. In my mind, the last couple of years I’ve seen a major divide between vape products, and Vapers themselves. One the one side there are people like me: old time Vapers using high wattage mods and sub-ohm tanks. On the other side, new, or [...]

Snowwolf TAZE Pod Kit Review
Snowwolf TAZE Pod Kit is Decent, but…. – A Review

What’s a wolf without teeth? Kind of a sad, bulky dog. Unfortunately, despite a stellar lineage of high-wattage vape mods and pod hybrids, the all-new Snowwolf TAZE 40-watt pod system is an underwhelming entry into a crowded field. While there are some high points to be had with the TAZE kit, there’s not much likelihood that [...]

The FreeMax Autopod50 Pod Mod AIO Review

When is an “all-in-one” device not enough? This is often debated by vape reviewers, who try to pinpoint which audience would be best served by a specific product. The all-new Freemax Autopod50 device stirred up more of these discussions (and solved none of them). Let’s dive in to see which side of the AIO fence you [...]

The Incredible SMOK RPM160 (pod mod?)
The Incredible SMOK RPM160 (pod mod?)

The new SMOK RPM160 device, which should be considered a genuine pod mod, is one of the best devices I’ve used in this miserable year of the pandemic. But it is difficult for me to call the RPM160 a pod mod. This device puts every other pod mod I’ve used in the past to shame, [...]

Voopoo NAVI 40W Mod Pod Review
Voopoo NAVI 40W Mod Pod Review

Another day, another pod rig. Yawn.... another same-y intro about hybrid devices becoming the future of vaping… or whether or not they should be. This time around, though, with the Voopoo NAVI pod mod system, we feel like there’s a basis for a true series of vape mods. We’ve said it before, but after we [...]

Pod Vaping System Gurgling, Leaking or Spitting: How to Fix It
Pod Vaping System Gurgling or Leaking: How to Fix It

Pod vaping systems are certainly the hottest thing in vaping these days. More people than ever are choosing a pod system as their 1st or 2nd vaping devices. Open Systems, meaning the pods are empty when you buy them, are the most popular. The federal government’s ban on most pre-filled flavored pods has only helped the [...]

SMOK Revs Up Release of New Innovative Mods
SMOK Revs Up Release of Innovative Pod Mods

SMOK is making up for lost time - It’s going to take more than a global pandemic to keep the folks at SMOK from getting creative, dare I say innovative. As China’s #1 vape manufacturer, SMOK is taking months of ideas and turning them into a HUGE range of versatile and innovative pod mods. Yes, there’s [...]

Sigelei GLORI Pod System Review
Sigelei GLORI Pod System Review

How much further can vape companies go with the never-ending pod mod trend? The star of today’s show – the Sigelei GLORI Pod Mod Kit – certainly fits the bill for ex-smokers. But does the world really need another draw-activated, low-wattage device? I don’t know.   Is “satisfying” enough to compete in a crowded pod mod marketplace? [...]

Two Top Pod Mod Systems People Can’t Stop Talking About
Two Pod Mod Systems People Can’t Stop Talking About

EightVape is an online vape shop offering a large selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories. Today, we present two very popular pod mod systems that have sold extremely well. Bothproduce flavorful vapor, decent lifespan of their coils, and can use both Nic-Salt and regular e-liquids. Having reviewed both pod mod systems, we can honestly [...]

Lost Vape Prana Pod Mod System
Lost Vape Prana Pod Mod System Review

The Review of the Lost Vape Prana. While most pod mod systems are aiming for higher wattages and lower ohms capabilities, Lost Vape is heading back to vaping’s roots. Not only does the venerable vape company produce the awesome Orion pod system, but now they’ve made a strong gesture toward TRUE mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers with [...]

Orcas Vape MX CUBE Pod Mod Kit Review
Orcas Vape MX CUBE Pod Mod Kit Review

The Orcas Vape MX CUBE Pod Mod Kit - Once again, we have a multipurpose, sub-ohm-focused pod mod on our desks for review. So, instead of giving you another essay about our confusion regarding these kits, let’s just get right to it. If you’re seeking a mid-wattage, 18650-powered AIO/pod device that isn’t really a pod [...]

Best Vape Pod Systems To Start in 2020
Best Vape Open Pod Systems to Start in 2020

2019 was a very nerve-wracking year for ALL vapers in many countries. (Well, maybe not the United Kingdom.) The UK learned a few years ago just how effective e-cigarettes were as a smoking cessation device. They quickly set up rules and regulations that allowed any adult in the UK to vape, vape flavors, and vape thousands [...]