NJOY Loop Review – The Cig-a-Like of the Modern Era
The Modern NJOY Loop Starter Kit – Review

The NJOY Loop Starter Kit review has been one of my most surprising reviews this year.  Spinfuel Vape has been publishing electronic cigarette reviews, guides, and tutorials for 7 years now. In the very beginning we were tightly focused on the several dozen existing cig-a-like brands on the market, and highly critical of nearly all [...]

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WISMEC Skyladon/Bambino + NJOY Artist Collection

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA by J. C. Martin, III Introduction The NJOY Artist Collection is now a renown line of highly regarded e-liquids that are being enjoyed by tens of thousands of vapers.  Known for their unique flavor combinations, here are a few thoughts on how they worked out with WISMEC's Skyladon mechanical 18650 [...]

Problems Only Vapers Have

Problems Only Vapers Have It took you months, maybe years, to finally make the switch. You listened to your friends go on and on about how much healthier it is for you, how much cheaper, and of course, way more convenient. You rolled your eyes for a while, until, little by little, their reasons started to [...]

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Spinfuel – The Cold Open – Show & Tell

The Cold Open - John & Jacob Show Off Some Upcoming Products & Reviews John's office is undergoing a remodel, to make it more conducive to video production, and adding a level of comfort while we're at it, but as is our usual luck, the remodel was not finished, but the show must go on.  Joining John [...]

Giveaway – NJOY Artist Collection

Two Winners will be chosen! The Complete NJOY Artist Collection! This is it. The NJOY Artist Collection begins tonight at 9PM. Two winners will be chosen, and they will have the option to choose 12mg or 18mg nicotine strength. These NJOY Artist Collection's are special, Limited Edition white flip-top boxes hold all 5 eliquids in their beautiful [...]

NJOY Artist Collection – The Interview

As is customary, when we review a brand of eliquid that is new to us we conduct an interview with the owner, CEO, President, or in this case, the VP of Marketing Strategy. Don't forget to check out the interview for the NJOY Artist Collection! SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking forward [...]

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NJOY Artist Collection Review

NJOY Artist Collection A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review   Foreword by John Manzione I am, what you might call, an anti-snob. Pretentiousness is one of the highest ‘pet peeves’ on my lengthy list of pet peeves. No matter how educated you are, or how rich you are, or how ‘cool’ you think you are, when stripped of the material [...]

SmokenJoey’s NJOY Review!

SmokenJoey Reviews NJOY Between SmokenJoey's terrific eCigarette and eLiquid video reviews, and Spinfuel's written reviews we have you covered. Today, on SmokenJoey @ Spinfuel Mr SmokenJoey brings you the in-depth, and all new, video review for NJOY disposables and their rechargeable Starter Kit. Have a look! And then visit SmokenJoey's Spinfuel Home Away From Home, the [...]