RX Vape Nic-Salt Vape Juice is for Today’s Pod Mods
RX Vape Delicious Nic-Salt Vape Juice is for Today’s Best Pod Mods

RX Vape -  Nicotine Salt Vape Juice is, 99% of the time, a blend of VG and PG where PG is in the 85-95% volume. PG was the “flavor” portion of the formula for many years, back in the day of freebase (natural) nicotine based vape juice. PG is thin, intense, and can cause a [...]

JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??
JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??

Hey, did you hear the one about JUUL Pods have higher nicotine levels than other Pod Mods and e-Liquids? Duh. Sure did. Why do you think teenagers use JUUL's so much that it's become known as JUULING? 59mg of Nicotine Salts. Getting that nicotine buzz is real easy. And stupid. During a review we did last [...]

Nicotine Salts in 2019 – A Primer

If you vape, you’ve almost certainly heard of nicotine salts. You may have a general understanding of what they are or the role they play in the world of vaping, but what are they? The answer to this question involves history, chemistry, and a few other subjects that I hated in high school, so let’s get [...]

JUUL Labs Opens New Facility Amid Public Outcry Against Vaping
JUUL Labs Opens Facility Amid Outcry Against Vaping

Vaping might be in society’s crosshairs, but that hasn’t seemed to get in the way of Juul Labs Inc., which just opened a new facility in Mountain View, California. Perhaps this move is a direct response to the negative response the company has faced in its San Francisco home. But it’s more likely it has to [...]

Vaping Hobby or Vaping Addiction
A Vaping Hobby or a Vaping Addiction

There is a huge debate topic today, whether vaping is considered a hobby or an addiction. Defining vaping, it is the process of converting substances into vapor using an electronic device known as vape or vaporizer that is chargeable and refillable with e-juice, wax concentrate, or dry herbs. Vaping has been a practice even before [...]

SMOK Novo Ultra Portable Pod Mod Kit Review

If SMOK made TV shows, they would be like the “Real Housewives” series – endless variations on the same theme, with enough of the same stuff underneath to make you wonder why you’re still paying attention. Take, for example, the all-new SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable, or simply put, a pod mod starter kit. The NOVO [...]