Innokin 134 MX-Z & VF Dripper – Daily Vape TV

First Hand Look Innokin VF Dripper and 134 MX-Z An in-depth look at both new Innokin devices! I am proud to introduce Innokins first mechanical mod, the iTaste 134 MX-Z "Zodiac." With a revolutionary lock ring design that finds its inspiration from the heavens, this fully mechanical mod definitely appeals to the beginner rebuilder and vaping enthusiast [...]

JuiceCrate Unboxing/Review

Daily Vape TV Looks at JuiceCrate eLiquid Subscription After a nice long vacation weekend, I come home to some awesome vapemail. Juice Crate was kind enough to send me along one of their Onyx packages and I am very impressed. The presentation, quality of products and the little extra things like including wire and mod polish [...]

Bumble Frog Review – Daily Vape TV

The Bumble Frog eLiquid Review - Part One I have no idea where they got their name but this New Hampshire based eliquid company has some amazing flavors! With a PG/VG blend that transcends the boundaries between a juice worth dripping and one to use in your tanks, this just has just the right consistency and [...]

Daily Vape TV Spinfuel Announcement!

Daily Vape TV Joins Spinfuel! I am pleased to announce that as of today I am now a full-fledged member of Spinfuel eMagazine and to celebrate, I'll be giving away the entire line from Fog's Brew!! So make sure you enter the contest, and keep an eye out for my future videos for Spinfuel! Fight for Your [...]

#FreshBuildFriday! 28g/Ribbon Wire

#FreshBuildFriday with Nick Bessette "Not sure what the proper name to this build is but it's one heck of a coil. Using both twisted wire and flat ribbon wire in a parallel coil, this coil delivers clean crisp flavor and a nice warm to hot vapor. With a little patience and a lot of practice, this [...]

Daily Vape TV – NicPak Unboxing Event!

Nick Bessette of Daily Vape TV Unboxes NicPac Vape mail!!! Spinfuel hooked me up with a Nicpik Pak to unbox and review. The personalization of these packs is amazing as well as their website design and customer service. I also like that they are eco-concoious using only recycled cardboard to package their products in. Be sure [...]

Daily Vape TV – Mt. Baker Vapor Review

Mt Baker Vapor 7 Flavor Review Yesterday was a rainy day, what better to do than review juice? Here's my take on seven flavors from Mt. Baker. A few I like, a few are not for me but you be the judge, try them yourself! Fight for Your Right to Vape! Vape on!

Daily Vape TV Russian 91% Micro-Coil

Russian 91% Micro-Coil Build We go back to the basics with the simple micro coil build. I've only built a few coils for a RTA so this whole world is brand new to me but I can guarantee in no time I will be putting some crazy coils in this thing. Thanks for watching! What types of [...]

Daily Vape TV – Fogs Brew eLiquid Review

Complete Lineup Review of Fogs Brew After a few weeks of testing, the results are IN on these flavors. Fog's Brew is a eliquid company from Miami, FL and today I will be showcasing these sleek blue glass bottles that are packed with delicious flavors. I have my favorites and some that aren't for me but [...]

FreshBuildFriday – Twisted 28G Micro Coil

Nick Builds a 28G Micro Coil One of the easiest coils to build yet one of the best vapes I've ever had. This is one coil you don't want to miss. The added surface area combined with a regulated device creates huge plumes of dense vapor. Go ahead, give it a shot! What types of coils would [...]

Daily Vape TV – VCCNE “After Party”

VCCNE After Party Video This party took place right after day one at VCCNE and wow, what a party! Big thanks to everyone that attended this event. We had The Vaping Militia, CASAA, The Vaping Greek, the Eve girls, vendors from all over and plenty of local vapers. We had live music from Fighting Giants and [...]

Daily Vape TV – Cold Fusion Review

Cold Fusion eLiquid Review I was SHOCKED at how good this flavor is and I'm in AWE of how cool these guys are. Coming to you straight from VCCNE, I bring you Cold Fusions juice Shock & Awe! A delightful peach mango blend with a few other secret flavors. Whatever it is, it's amazing and I [...]