Lemo 2 & Arctic Tank Preview – Daily Vape TV

Daily Vape TV unboxes and previews the Lemo 2 and Arctic Tank Full review to come soon, this is a shorter preview for vapers looking for some input by Nick Bessette, host of Spinfuel's Daily Vape TV. - Dave Many thanks to Ave40 for this opportunity to show you all the brand new Lemo 2 and Arctic [...]

FreshBuildFriday – DailyVapeTV 100W Plus Build

DailyVapeTV - Fresh Build Friday - 100w Plus Build You asked for it and I delivered. After getting a lot of input from the people that attended my rebuilding classes at VCC it prompted me to make this video. Here I address a few of the little things everyone should know how to do for a [...]

IPV Mini 2 – Daily Vape TV

Nick Bessette Takes On The IPV Mini 2 by Pioneer4You Are you ready for a device that can handle not only a sub-ohm tank but also your favorite RDA? Well then, the IPV Mini 2 is for you! Released only a few months after the original, this iteration of the device can go from 5-70w and [...]

Daily Vape TV & The VCCT ’15

Nick Bessette's Awesome Reap Video Of The VCCT '15 It's always nice to get out of New England in the middle of winter and #VCCT15 couldn't have come at a better time. With snow every few days and windchill factors FAR below zero, I was almost ready to snap. This video is the chronicling of my [...]

#FreshBuildFriday Returns! Coil Jig Review

Revolver Coil Jig Review Part review, part build video. Today I will be demonstrating how to use the Revolver coil jig from coil jigs.com. If you're new to rebuilding I strongly suggest you pick up one of these bad boys to help you on your way to building some sweet coils. With 3 different coil sizes [...]

Cloupor 30w Mini Preview – DailyVapeTV

Spinfuel's DailyVapeTV - Cloupor 30w Mini Preview After seeing the shipping time from FastTech, I decided to purchase this device from a US online retailer. I literally just bought this device so I didn't have to carry around the IPV3 for driving. Make sure you keep an eye out for the full review coming soon. If you [...]

Voltage Vape Grand Opening Gala

DailyVapeTV Goes To The Gala! They only moved around the corner from their original location but man, what a difference! Huge selection of high end hardware, thousands of bottles of eliquid and a roomy lounge area. If you're ever in Western, MA, make sure you check them out! Also a great turnout featuring some honored guests [...]

FreshBuildFriday – Zipper Coil Build

Nick Build A Zipper Coil for FreshBuildFriday So I finally made a new build video and this time were getting TWISTED! The zipper coil is the brainchild of none other than Twisted Messes aka Kent Hill. His video inspired me to try it out for myself and it didn't come out half bad if I do [...]

Gwar Fluids Full Line Review

Nick Review Some Mt. Baker Vapor! GWARRRRR!!!! Ok, now that that's out of my system let me just say how awesome it is that Mt. Baker Vapor collaborated with a kick ass band like Gwar to come up with their own line of eliquids. These flavors are the love child from an interstellar metal band and [...]

Fresh Build Friday – 20g Macro Coils

This is a new record for me on the resistance scale. A 0.16 ohm build is nothing new for anyone using 20g wire and here I do my best to crank this stuff around a 7/64" drill bit. Although the flavor is muted on this one, if you're entering a cloud competition or just want [...]

Stove Top Coil – #FreshBuildFriday

I wouldn't recommend cooking on this thing but boy does she chuck the vapor! Not my cleanest build ever but this one is pretty tough to perfect. If you're looking for a new out-of-the-box build and you have quite a few coils under your belt, give this one a shot! The mod shown in this [...]

#FreshBuildFriday – Royal Wire & Flat Bastard

Daily Vape TV And Royal Wire / Flat Bastard Build This is one for the record books, my lowest build yet! Utilizing Royal Wire's low resistance paired with the Flat Bastard builds flavor capabilities this tandem coil makes for one sweet-ass build! With plumes of vapor and TONS of flavor, this is definitely one of my [...]


 EJUICEPACK eLiquid Subscription Service To all you newbies out there that want to try new flavors and vendors Ejuicepack is for you! With a starting price of just $7.99 this service is an inexpensive way to branch out and expand your horizons while saving a few dollars. With over 8,000 different ways to customize your subscription [...]

#FreshBuildFriday Pure Cask Vapors

Pure Cask Vapors Essence Wire Really bummed I'm not at ECC right now and I'm sure you are too. Here's a quick build/review of products from Pure Cask Vapors. They sent me a nice little care package with wire, screws, Japanese cotton and some eliquid to try so I figured, why not make a video highlighting [...]

Bumble Frog eJuice PT 2 – Daily Vape TV

Nick Bessette's Bumble Frog Review - Part Two Here we go...Round 2. Today's eliquids are more or less the bakery and beverage flavors from Bumblefrog's line. I was pleasantly surprised when trying these flavors so make sure you head over to their website and pick some up for yourself! http://www.bumblefrogmixology.com Fight for Your Right to Vape! http://www.casaa.org http://www.thevapingmilitia.org http://www.sfata.org http://www.freetovape.org Vape on! https://www.facebook.com/dailyvapetv https://twitter.com/dailyvapetv http://dailyvape.tumblr.com http://instagram.com/dailyvapetv