Diacetyl- Risks, Prevalence, and Precautions

Diacetyl - A word from the publisher The decision to publicly respond to Mountain Oak Vapors Facebook post about trace elements of Diacetyl being discovered in a handful of their eLiquids began after we started receiving emails from Vapers that follow our Facebook page. Everyone that took the time to email us wanted to know what [...]

Two From Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquid

Ecto Fusion & Grape Onya It has been quite a while since we’ve enjoyed (officially enjoyed) Mountain Oak Vapors. Sure, there are still several MOV flavors in our various eLiquid collections, including the every-delicious Chai Tea Latte and Caramela, but today we have two “new” flavors from Tennessee Mountains, two High VG blends that we’ve been [...]

Two All-Day Vapes From Mountain Oak Vapors

Two All Day Vapes From Mountain Oak Vapors After weeks of steadily vaping only a couple of different eLiquid flavors, mainly Chai Tea Latte from MOV, I decided it was time to try and find some new all-day vapes. Naturally, being a huge fan of Mountain Oak Vapors I popped over their website first to have [...]

Mountain Oak Vapors Three Plus One e-Liquid Review

Mountain Oak Vapors Reviewed Introduction There aren’t many Vapers in the USA who haven’t heard of Mountain Oak Vapors… despite the fact that they have been around just a little over one year. Our very first review of MOV (Mountain Oak Vapors) was published during our 1st Annual July is eJuice Month. MOV had launched the business [...]

e-Liquid Review – Chai Tea Latte

A Love Affair with Chai Tea Latte The first time I ever saw the words “Chai” and “Tea” as it related to an e-Liquid my mind automatically assumed the worst. “Tea?” You want me to vape tea? Are you serious?” … Nothing could convince me that tea could somehow be anywhere near an acceptable flavor for [...]

Two Great e-Liquid Flavors From Mountain Oak Vapors

Caramela and Sunday Morning from Mountain Oak Vapors I can’t remember where (it might have been in our forum) I first read anything about Mountain Oak Vapors “Sunday Morning” and “Caramela”, but I do remember thinking that they were “new” flavors and I wanted to try them. So I emailed Mountain Oak Vapors and asked them which [...]

First Look – Blue Drop eLiquid From Mountain Oak Vapors

Mountain Oak Vapors Blue Drop eLiquid Review I don’t do many eLiquid reviews because, well, I leave it to the pros. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team is made up of people (staffers) that have spent hundreds of hours over the past year studying and vaping eLiquids from dozens of brands. They conduct blind taste tests on [...]

The New Mountain Oak Vapors (eLiquids) Interview and Facility Photos!

Mountain Oak Vapors Steve Nair John Manzione, publisher of Spinfuel, sat down with Steve Nair, owner of Mountain Oak Vapors, to talk eLiquids, Mountain Oak Vapors, and the new MOV production facility and retail locations. Below is the complete transcript of the interview, and the photos. Scroll down to the bottom to see the photographs. Spinfuel: Steve. [...]

Vaping With Julia – The Feedback Imperative

Vaping With Julia – The First Week of February 7, 2013 The Feedback Imperative! Lots of very cool Vaping things happened this week my fellow Vapers. From finishing some eLiquid reviews to starting others, from trying out various new pieces of hardware to falling back on trusted old friends (hardware I mean). And a bit of personal [...]

Mountain Oak Vapors Begins eVic + eJuice Giveaway!

Beginning tonight at midnight (EDT), Mountain Oak Vapors, with Spinfuel, will begin its latest Giveaway, awarding a new Joyetech eVic and a 3-pck of eLiquids of your choice from the award-winning line of Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquids. Click Here for the official Entry Form. Mountain Oak Vapors wanted to celebrate a great year in the eLiquid industry, and what better way to do that [...]

Spinfuel Visits Shangri-La (Mountain Oak Vapors)

By Julia Barnes, with Jason, John, and Lisa This morning the postman delivered a brand new Mountain Oak Vapors e-liquid flavor to the Spinfuel office. After spending a few hours vaping the new Shangri-La, a wonderful blend of Peach and Lychee we came to the conclusion that our readers might enjoy knowing what we thought about this magical new [...]

The Mountain Oak Vapors Review!

Mountain Oak Vapors – American Made Awesomeness Note: Readers of Spinfuel are invited to visit Mountain Oak Vapors and receive a 15% discount on any many flavors, in any size, simply by typing SPINFUEL into the Coupon Code upon Checkout. Of course you can’t tell the quality of a company’s eJuice by simply looking at the packaging, [...]