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How to Pick the Best Marijuana Strain
How to Pick the Best Marijuana/Cannabis Strains

Any marijuana enthusiast knows how to pick out the best cannabis strains for their tastes. After all, cannabis culture emphasizes quality from a subjective point of view. In other words, picking out the right strain involves knowing what it is you want that hits the right highs. This, of course, is an ability that any [...]

Why 2018 is the year vaping and medical marijuana team up - Spinfuel VAPE
2018 – The Year Vaping and Medical Marijuana Team Up

After years of skepticism, both vaping and medical marijuana usage are becoming increasingly accepted by the public. Vaping sales have continued to rise in recent years as smokers try to steer clear of the far more harmful cigarettes. Meanwhile, cannabis has become legalized for medical uses in almost half of America while new Canadian laws [...]

Vaporizing Marijuana Versus Smoking Marijuana - Spinfuel VAPE
How To Spot The Not: Vaporizing Marijuana Versus Smoking

Marijuana is a resurgence in today’s modern world. Insanity, violence, and sadistic tendencies were are all associated with hemp’s use decades ago. Today, it is considered medicinal, recreational, and healthy. With further studies, marijuana not only is an excellent source of fiber, but is also a good source of medicine. In fact, many people today [...]

A Taboo No More: The Shocking Truth about Marijuana - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
A Taboo No More: The Shocking Truth about Marijuana

A Taboo No More: The Shocking Truth about Marijuana A lot of people nowadays are beginning to understand and appreciate the fact that marijuana is slowly showing its benefits. In the past, marijuana was notoriously at equal levels with crystal meth and cocaine. To know how and why marijuana made such a reputation, we must delve [...]

Marijuana Oil Types and Uses: CBD vs THC Oil
Marijuana Oil Types and Uses: CBD vs THC Oil

Marijuana oil (CBD or THC) is hardly a new thing on the scene. It’s been around awhile, but from all the hype lately, you would think it was the latest, greatest thing. Now, you may be a seasoned pro at the cannabis oil thing and know how to order just the right type for your needs. [...]

Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain – Vaping Marijuana can relieve pain – Spinfuel eMagazine
Medical Marijuana – Up in Vape

Up in Vape Vaping Marijuana and Pain Greetings and salutations from your friendly neighborhood Vaping Man! Hahaha, a bit of humor before we get started on this week’s column, which will discuss medical marijuana and chronic pain.  I am getting, in my mind at least, way behind in getting my columns out in a timely manner.  I [...]