Legalize Cannabis on the Fed Level? Vote Upcoming
Legalize Cannabis on the Fed Level? Vote Upcoming

While several States and Fed Senators are threatening the simple act of vaping e-liquid with a simple vape mod, the Federal Government is about to vote on legalize Cannabis (cannabis is the name we prefer, not marijuana) one the "Federal Level". That is a much bigger thing than people realize. If the vote were to pass and [...]

Medical Marijuana Patients Need Not Be Victims Of Vaping Bans
Marijuana Patients Need Not Be Victims Of Bans

Medical Marijuana - A ban on vaping products in various states (caused by the sell of illicit THC products) will deprive Medical Marijuana patients of using an effective delivery system for their medicine. Of course, for now, it's wise in the best of cases, to avoid Cannabis Cartridges. Patients should be purchasing cannabis edibles, natural weed, and [...]

Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Types
Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Types

The past few years brought in a lot of attention for marijuana from across the world. What was once considered a drug is slowly going through an image makeover as people begin to realize the true value of this plant. Research on applications in medical sciences has strongly backed up the decision to legalize this [...]

12 Ways Medical Marijuana is Changing Healthcare
Medical Marijuana – 12 Ways it’s Changing Healthcare

It goes without saying that in and outside of the healthcare industry, the cannabis plant is all the rage these days. With legalization occurring for recreational and medical marijuana, and cannabis-based products like CBD oil becoming popular, marijuana has finally hit the mainstream. Fortunately, there is much potential for this once maligned substance.   While more research is [...]