iJoy ZENITH 3 Variable Voltage Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel Vape
iJoy Zenith 3 & Diamond Sub-Ohm Starter Kit Review

The iJoy Zenith 3 is the newest iteration of the iJoy Maxo Zenith mod (reviewed here). And although much has changed, (including a sub-ohm tank instead of an RDA) much has stayed the same... within reason.The iJoy Zenith 3 is powered by dual 2700 batteries (compatible with 18650’s with sleeve), and is a variable voltage, [...]


The Vantra “Tech meets mech” I discovered this decidedly cool little piece of tech for mechanical mod users that we simply had to share this with our readers. Using this tech, the Vantra, you’ll never need to worry about accidental firing of your mech-mod. Accidental firing of mechanical mod is definitely a problem for us mech mod vapers. [...]

Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod (Authentic)

 Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA by J. C. Martin, III Rating: 4.7 of 5 Stars Available At: MintyVapes – On Sale $143.99 ($179.99) Includes mod + RDA Introduction It is being said more and more that the mechanical mod is dead. Its day has come and gone and it has been replaced with the regulated, high-tech mods [...]

Oldie But Goodie – Innokin iTaste 134 MX – M

The iTaste 134 MX-M Mechanical Mod, by J. C. Martin, III Rating: B Introduction Sometimes an electronic cigarette device deserves to be looked at again despite it falling out of fashion caused by the several dozen newer products that have come to market since then. The Innokin iTaste 134 MX-M is one such deserving product. After all, you can [...]

Vape Porn VapePorn Smokenjoey
VapePorn A Smokenjoey Treat

VapePorn -  Chain Smoker Dual Mech Mod  Hi Folks, I recently paid a visit to my local vape shop where they showed me a cool setup using two Arctic Tanks. Russ, the owner of Vapor Expressions, explains this Dual Mech Mod. Should the US FDA and the lawmakers in the capital  manage to severely restrict the sale [...]

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod/RDA Kit The Lone Wulf Kit was provided to Spinfuel by Minty Vapes - Our sincere appreciation goes out to Minty Vapes Say what you will about all the fancy new box mods hitting the vape scene these days, when it comes to real subohm vaping, the kind of vaping only a true [...]

Chillum Vapor Tantra Mod

Nick Reviews Chillum Vapor's Tantra Introduction by Tom McBride Nick Bessette, host of the Spinfuel's Daily Vape TV channel on YouTube does a great job with reviewing the Tantra mechanical mod by Chillum Vapor. I agree with 99% of what Nick tells you in this review. But, because Nick is using more and more variable wattage devices [...]


Tom McBride And The Heimdall Clone Foreword There are many reasons for not to wanting to review, or even own, any type of clone in the electronic cigarette industry. The reasons against owning one are based primarily on personal safety issues, including but not limited to; ‘inferior materials, manufacturing shortcuts, and time to market.’ – Any one [...]

SMOK Galileo Review

SMOK Galileo Mechanical Mod - $49.99 Vaporetti.com Mechanical Mods are meant for experienced Vapers. Unless you have a specific need for a purely mechanical PV you would probably fare better with a variable voltage or variable wattage APV. Having said that, if your inclination is toward mechanicals the Galileo, for less than fifty dollars, is an [...]

Vaping Hardware – How Much Would You Spend?

Value In Vaping Hardware? I had an interesting discussion yesterday with a friend of mine that has recently taken up vaping. She is a fairly wealthy woman in her early thirties, and she is always in pursuit of owning the best of everything. From expensive purses to jewelry and beyond, she must have the best, or [...]

Time For Your First Mechanical Mod?

Your First Mechanical Mod I think it’s fairly safe to say that at some point, just about every Vaper will look at a mechanical mod and think to him or herself, “Wow, that looks really nice! I wonder if I should get me a mechanical mod?” For me, it was the first time I laid eyes on [...]

The Sigelei #24 Mechanical Mod Review

The Sigelei #24 The Sigelei was my very first mechanical mod. I decided to leave the comfort and reliability of my Innokin iTaste MVP v1 and take a leap of faith into the mysterious mechanical mod vaping arena. I figured the Sigelei brand would be a good start. So, off I went to Sigelei‘s main website   [...]

Grand Vapor Private V2 Review

Introduction I must admit, a few short months ago I never really understood the draw of a mechanical mod. Especially when you get to the ‘high-end’ of the spectrum when it comes to the mechanical mod. I’m talking about the $225 ‘Nemesis’, the even more expensive ‘BaGua’ and anything by ‘Atomo’ to mention a few. I [...]

YOUDE UDT V10 – A Review

Introduction When it comes to vaping I tend to lump my hardware devices into categories. My all time favorites are Advanced Personal Vaporizers or APV's for short. APV’s are devices that usually offer some form of battery ‘short out’ protection and/or ‘reverse polarity protection’, which means that if you accidentally slip the battery in the wrong [...]

e-Pipe by SMOK – Smokenjoey Review

SMOK e-Pipe Mod Hey folks, SmokenJoey here. I have a really different review for you today, it's the SMOK e-Pipe Mod, or e-pipe is you prefer. Certainly one of the more 'creative' e-cigarettes I've reviewed. Anyway, here are the specs, so sit back and enjoy the show! 1)  SMOK E-pipe Mod 2)   mini mechanical mod 3)   Brass material 4)   18350 battery 5)  510 Threading 6)  Airhole at the bottom _________________________________________________________________________ Should the US FDA and the [...]