WISMEC Luxotic NC Mechanical Mod Review by Spinfuel VAPE
WISMEC Luxotic NC Mechanical Mod Review

WISMEC LUXOTIC NC 250W & GUILLOTINE V2 STARTER KIT  We’ve been doing a lot of “best of” pieces around here, so let me hand out a special “one off” award. The best single, solitary draw off a vape mod I’ve had all year came from the gorgeous, potent WISMEC Luxotic NC mechanical mod. That isn’t hyperbole, mind [...]

CoilART DPRO 133W Mechanical Box Mod Kit Review
CoilART DPRO 133W Mechanical Box Mod Kit Review

Can we be real for a second? Mechanical Mods can be intimidating. Sure, you want to achieve those massive clouds, but at what risk? That’s why a device like the CoilART DPRO 133W Box Mod Kit, (available now at Element Vape) is so welcome, as it helps to bridge the gap between overly complicated 'regulated' Mods, [...]

Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit Preview

Well, this is a first. After years of writing vape articles and reviews for Spinfuel and other sites, the Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina represents the first ever mechanical mod I’ve covered. I’ve used several mechs over the years, and have enjoyed the vapes overall, but always preferred the relative safety of regulated devices.   Looks like I’ve [...]

Pioneer4You IPv3 Full Review

Nick Bessette Reviews The Pioneer4You IPv3 Full Review Here it is, the much anticipated Pioneer4You IPv3 Full Review! This beauty of a box came to me directly from the manufacturer, Pioneer4You, makers of the extremely popular IPV2. Fairly unassuming from the outside, the power comes from two 18650 batteries and a SX330 150w chip. Use caution [...]

Kindred Mod Review – DailyVapeTV

The Kindred Mod from Counsel of Vapor! Big shout out to Eve e-liquid for sending me this beautiful device to review. They are now an official retailer of Council of Vapor products. Here we will be taking a look at the Kindred mechanical mod. This stainless steel beauty is also a beast! If you're looking into [...]

The Kamry K101 Telescopic Mech-Mod Review

The Kamry K101 Review A straight up mechanical mod has no electronics to fail, no circuit boards, and can fire any cartomizer, clearomizer, or tank that is attached to it. They are simple devices that last forever and cannot be banned by the government because; in its simplest form it is not much more than a [...]