Using Doubt As A Weapon Against Electronic Cigarettes

File Under = Electronic Cigarettes Think I‘m STOOPID? Show Me The facts! As the walls continue to close in on the vaping industry the community is fighting back and not taking everything peddled by critics as fact. We have the US government, the FDA, tobacco companies and a whole host of other critics joining forces with one [...]

FDA - Get you ass out of my Vape Shop!
FDA: Get your Ass out of my Vaping Store!

Get your Ass out of my Vaping Store! As a prominent FDA director waits to spill the beans on future regulation of vaping industry on the 22nd and 23rd April, there is growing concern amongst the vaping community. There are a number of issues which need to be addressed sooner rather than later which include: – Who [...]

Bizarre Anti-Electronic Cigarette Ad Campaign Launched By US Authorities

Feds Ramp Up Scare Tactics With Anti-Electronic Cigarette Ad Campaign Despite the fact that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) works very closely with the US government on an array of different regulations, it seems that the US authorities are now jumping the gun and attacking electronic cigarettes with Anti-Electronic Cigarette Ad Campaign. The authorities have [...]

Are Electronic Cigarettes Now An Everyday Part Of Life?a

Electronic Cigarettes Are The Norm? There is no doubt that the battle for credibility and acceptance has been long and tough for the electronic cigarette industry, with many years of battles to follow, but there are some positive signs. Despite the fact that we hear of local authorities in the US and other parts of the [...]

Battle of Ohio, General E liquid Custard’s last stand?

Mark Benson And The Battle For Ohio All over the US there seem to be battles breaking out between local authorities and the vaping industry with regards to regulations and taxes. The latest battle, and one which the vaping community needs to win, is the battle for Ohio with the authorities looking to introduce a tax [...]

Vapers Use KISSing Strategy To Spread The Word!

Vapers Keeping it simple just might be the way We bet you were totally confused and bamboozled when you saw the headline to this article and the fact that supporters of the vaping community had implemented a KISSing strategy! However, you will notice that we have subtly highlighted the letters KISS which was an interesting comment [...]

Vapers Set To Fight Fire With Fire

Vapers Take Note Over the last few months we have seen electronic cigarette patents dragged through the courts, regulatory challenges and politicians in the US and around the world using unproven data to trash the industry. However, it seems that the vaping community is now set to fight fire with fire with news that The Smoke [...]

The Mythical Electronic Cigarette Predicate Product Is Here!

FILE UNDER: ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE The Predicate Product Is Found! What Happens Next? When the FDA announced plans to regulate the electronic cigarette/vaping industry there was an initial sign of relief with no mention of short term regulatory costs. However, when the small print appeared it very quickly became apparent that there would be significant regulatory costs in the [...]

The Press And Negative Vaping News

Is the press only interested in negative vaping industry news? Supporters of the vaping industry have for some time suspected that the wider mass media would prefer to print controversial eye-catching headlines rather than positive run-of-the-mill electronic cigarette medical research. Even though the media has defended itself against such claims in the past, things have certainly [...]

Why Does Vaping Continue To Beat The Authorities?

Mark Benson on besting the authorities at every turn If you look at news articles on a regular basis you will see an array of US state authorities attempting to bring in a variety of restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. You could be mistaken for assuming that these attempts to crack [...]

Will Electronic Cigarettes Always Be A SubSector Of The Tobacco Industry?

When you consider that the electronic cigarette industry in the US alone is expected to turnover in excess of $2 billion during 2015, you could easily argue it is becoming one of the largest business sectors in the US. Even though this sales figure is dwarfed by the tobacco industry, not only in the US [...]

StopTober – Take the Challenge

 StopTober could be a life changer for you The subject of smoking cessation is now mainstream news, especially with the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, and the UK NHS is certainly assisting the fight against tobacco cigarettes. The recent introduction of the so-called "StopTober campaign" initially started fairly quietly but has grown into something which is [...]

Bizarre claim: eCigarettes, Cocaine and Pot

eCigarettes could lead to cocaine and cannabis use! While there is no doubt that the electronic cigarette industry has been the recipient of an array of bizarre claims and counterclaims, a claim today seems to top everything we have seen before. Scientists from Columbia University, New York today suggest that electronic cigarettes could be a gateway to [...]

UK Government Secretly Supporting E-Cigarettes?

 UK Government and electronic cigarettes Only a few days ago it was revealed that UK electronic cigarette company Totally Wicked has launched a legal challenge to the European Union Tobacco Products Directive. The basis of the challenge has been widely publicised although there is a very interesting undercurrent to this particular development. Under EU regulations the [...]

Totally Wicked Fires the Legal Starting Gun

In a move which had been expected, UK eliquid and electronic cigarette company Totally Wicked has mounted a legal challenge to the European Union’s attempt to restrain growth in the electronic cigarette market. Ever since the European Parliament initially refused greater sanctions on the industry, but was later overpowered to agree a behind closed doors [...]