Marijuana Hookah Sociable Smoking: 6 Reasons Why You Should Try
Marijuana Hookah and Sociable Smoking – Reasons To Try

Hookahs are water pipes with hoses attached that are used to smoke tobacco and marijuana. They can have one or multiple hoses, which means that you can smoke pot with your friends without having to share the same mouthpiece. Hookahs change the experience of smoking when some fruit is added to the bowl and many [...]

Migraine Headaches - Cannabis Can Relieve Pain
Migraine Headaches – Cannabis Can Relieve Pain

Some research shows that cannabis could help with migraines. Is this not wonderful news for those of us that DO suffer the agonizing pain of migraines headaches? Well, yes and no. I guess it depends on whether you like to get high or not. I don't, but then again, IF cannabis could relieve the immediate [...]