Spotting Junk Science - 4 Easy Steps
Spot Junk Science in 4 Easy Steps

How to Spot Junk e-Cigarette Science in Four Easy Steps The best way for vapers to fight misinformation is through education. Learn how to spot and defeat pseudo-science, aka, junk science. Science journalism is dying. As newspapers find their revenue drying up in an increasingly online-only world, science journalists are being asked to generate more ‘clicks’ and [...]

Bizarre claim: eCigarettes, Cocaine and Pot

eCigarettes could lead to cocaine and cannabis use! While there is no doubt that the electronic cigarette industry has been the recipient of an array of bizarre claims and counterclaims, a claim today seems to top everything we have seen before. Scientists from Columbia University, New York today suggest that electronic cigarettes could be a gateway to [...]