Everything you ever wanted to know about eLiquid

but were afraid to ask.... Updated November 7, 2014 - We all use it, every day, several times a day in fact… and we think it’s safe, we hope it’s safe… and we trust the companies that make it, sometimes wisely, and sometimes not. It’s called eJuice, or e-Juice, or e-Liquid, or eLiquid, or Storm Juice, [...]

The July is eJuice Month Recap

 The July is eJuice Recap for 2013 Wow, what a month this has been! Spinfuel’s 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month celebration was a huge success for us and for the ten (10) eJuice vendors we reviewed! Pageviews are staggering, sales are up for all ten vendors, and more and more Vapers are enjoying new eJuice [...]

Hurricane Vapor Review – Six NEW e-Liquids!

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for two days now trying to come up with some clever way of introducing Hurricane Vapor’s newest flavors of e-Liquids as a part of the July is eJuice Month Celebration. The fact is, being located in Florida, (both companies are actually), that it’s July, hurricane season, and [...]

The Vapor Girl – Take Two

Where No Vaper Has Been Before Because of our self-imposed limits on the number of e-Liquids we would review in this year’s July is eJuice Month celebrations we had to cut out two of the most interesting e-Liquids from The Vapor Girl review. We hated to do it, but at 7700 words it was time to [...]

Ginger’s eJuice Review

This review is a Spinfuel Team B Review - a Ginger's eJuice Review, conducted in Concord New Hampshire - Ginger’s eJuice is the e-Liquid company that was responsible for finally moving the entire Spinfuel staff off of prefilled cartomizers and onto bigger and better vaping way back in early 2012. Had we not discovered just how [...]

Spinfuel Talks With The Vapor Girl!

The Vapor Girl Interview For our July is eJuice Month celebration we spoke with the people behind The Vapor Girl to talk about what's happening now, and a little bit about the rest of the year... the interview is below - Tom SPINFUEL: So far 2013 has been a very active year for e-cigarettes. Which e-Cigarette device [...]

The Vapor Girl e-Liquid Review

The Vapor Girl is the most ‘eclectic’ e-Liquid brand in the marketplace right now. Victoria’s use of imagery would make Stevie Nicks feel right at home. Victoria’s non-standard flavors she chooses to tackle, like ‘pizza’, have really helped The Vapor Girl carve out a niche in the e-Liquid world as the place to go for [...]

Four From Mister e-Liquid

Mister E-Liquid Review Not too long ago Spinfuel reviewed Mister E-Liquid for the first time and today, as a part of July is eJuice Month Celebration we’re back to take a look at four more flavors that are as unique as the company that created them. Mister E-Liquid is located in Grand Rapids. Michigan. Their specialty is [...]

Six Questions For Mister E-Liquid

SPINFUEL: So far 2013 has been a very active year for e-cigarettes. Which e-Cigarette device do you think has had made the biggest impact on Vapers in the first half of 2013? Mister E-Liquid: It’s been around for a while, but I would have to say the eGo battery in conjunction with an evod. This [...]