Johnson Creek Vapor Company – Have a Drink, Won’t You? A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review
Johnson Creek – A Cocktail Journey

Johnson Creek – Have a Drink, Won’t You? A couple of weeks ago the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team was once again invited to partake in vaping a few prerelease eliquids from Johnson Creek Vapor Company. It’s almost become a tradition, and we love it. But, don’t for a minute think we have any obligation to write [...]

The Vea™ Elite & Canteen™ Elite Giveaway!

ENTER TO WIN A BRAND NEW JOHNSON CREEK VEA™ ELITE & CANTEEN™ ELITE TANK. Every week Spinfuel eMagazine and the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter give away something really cool, and we make it really easy to enter. With much sadness this giveaway is open to US Residents only.  THIS GIVEAWAY BEGINS JULY 5TH 2PM EDT a Rafflecopter giveaway THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS JULY [...]

Cold Open Video – Vea™ Elite from Johnson Creek

The Vea™ Elite Box Mod from Johnson Creek! Read the full written review here Excerpt: Evolv DNA 40 Meet Johnson Creek Vapor Company At the heart of the new Vea™ Elite rests the newest Evolv DNA 40 board. The DNA 40 is also at the heart of the Vaporshark and the Vapor Flask. A lot has been written about [...]

Vapor Liquid by Johnson Creek Vapor Company

Six New Vapor Liquids From Johnson Creek It is a big day for vapers and Johnson Creek ™Vapor Company. Along with the release of an amazing new box mod, the Vea™ Elite, powered by the Evolv DNA 40, a new line of “vapor liquid”, called the “Elite” line, is released as well. Read the Vea™ Elite [...]

The Johnson Creek Vea™ Elite First-Look Review

Vea™ Elite by Johnson Creek Vapor Company For several days I have had the privilege of using the brand new Vea™ Elite box mod, as well as vaping six brand new vapor liquids from the Johnson Creek Vapor Company. Today I get to tell you all about this new state-of-the-art box mod and the new vapor [...]

Johnson Creek Founder’s Reserve™ – A Team Review

Founder’s Reserve™ – Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review By Tom McBride with Jason, Julia and Keira Founder’s Reserve™ is an ultra-premium eliquid (smoke juice) that is aged in real, honest-to-goodness whiskey barrels. These wood barrels are aged with bourbon whiskey, a flavor that shows up in abundance, and serves to make Founder’s Reserve™ one of the most flavorful, [...]

Founder’s Reserve by Johnson Creek! First Look & Taste!

The Cold Open And Johnson's Creek Founder's Reserve Smoke Juice "Founder’s Reserve™ is the first Smoke Juice by Johnson Creek to incorporate an aging and seasoning process in its production. The aging process gives Founder’s Reserve™ a flavor that’s smooth, complex, well rounded, and infused with the essence of the whiskey the barrel once held." That's the [...]

Kiln House Silverthorn Menthol by Johnson Creek

Kiln House Silverthorn Menthol – First Taste! Available today is Johnson Creek’s hugely successful Silverthorn eLiquid… in Menthol! For the past several days I have been vaping a menthol version of Silverthorn, and had you told me prior to my first vape with it that I would enjoy it, and embrace it, I would have said you’re stone [...]

Canteen Pro Accessories From Johnson Creek!

Canteen Pro Coils, Replacement Tanks, and Airflow Controller Now Available! Whenever our good friends at Johnson Creek send us a package it’s like Christmas (good timing!) around here. Yesterday we got such a package, and it was stuffed with several Canteen Pro Accessories.   Last night the crew was invited over for a review session. Everyone had a [...]

Johnson Creek Chocolate Truffles

This review spans two pages...navigation at the bottom of the article A New Chocolate Truffle Line From Johnson Creek Johnson Creek has released three new smoke juice flavors today during what they’re calling the “Chocopalooza” holiday. Our eLiquid team was invited to celebrate early and for the past weeks we’ve been indulging in some of the best [...]

Johnson Creek Canteen Pro – First Look Review!

A Pro-Level Pyrex Glass Tank For The Vea When UPS pulled up to Spinfuel HQ with a package from Johnson Creek we didn’t have a clue as to what it contained. But just as sure as I am writing about it now, the collective words that rang out once we opened it was a resounding “Holy [...]


Johnson Creek – Kiln House – Genuine No 22 Now In  6mg! Tom McBride and a brand new low-nic KILN HOUSE I’ll admit it, when I found out that Republic Tobacco was buying a 50% equity share of Johnson Creek I was alarmed, and disappointed. Hey, I’m a purebred capitalist so if the founders of Johnson Creek wanted a payday who [...]

Blu eCigs Pro Kit Review

Question: When is Blu Cigs not Blu Cigs? • Answer: When they are sold in the UK. Foreword Warning: This review is likely to cause some confusion. Read with caution, or better yet, read the make believe boardroom meeting published earlier today to get a better idea of what we believe happened when Lorillard decided to take Blu [...]

Johnson Creek – Republic Tobacco Vaping is NOT Smoking?

Does Smoke Juice Have A New Meaning? For the past few days we’ve received several emails from our readers asking us what we thought about the Johnson Creek and Republic Tobacco partnership. Because we’ve written extensively about Johnson Creek’s products there seems to be an interest out there as to whether our position, or our opinion [...]

KILN HOUSE Genuine No.22 – NEW! Hand’s On Review!

Johnson Creek KILN House Genuine No. 22 – Tom McBride and John Manzione Prologue Yesterday morning our UPS driver shows up with a package from our friends at Johnson Creek Enterprises. Inside is a brand new bottle of KILN House Smoke Juice. It’s called Genuine No. 22. Instead of the normal review process I thought it might be [...]