Innokin MVP5 120W Ajax Sub-Ohm Starter Kit


When the Innokin MVP5 arrived on my desk, I didn’t expect much more than a bigger, slightly stronger version of their myriad MTL vape kits. And I couldn’t have been more wrong. This 120-watt kit may not be the biggest, baddest, most-powerful, or chuck the biggest clouds. But what it does deliver is smooth, flawless, truly enjoyable performance that never fails, with a battery that lasts longer than most any mod in my collection.


Maybe Innokin slightly missed the mark with the flashlight and barometer silliness, but as a vape mod, there’s no mistaking the MVP5 kit’s value.

Innokin MVP5 120W Ajax Sub-Ohm Starter Kit

Well, hot damn, Innokin! We’re not even going to try and pretend that there’s much wrong with the new Innokin MVP5 Ajax kit. There isn’t. Unless you’re SO opposed to integrated battery devices that you won’t even consider firing this up, Innokin just found its way onto a ton of year-end “best of” lists. Yes, [...]

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Now This Is Cool! The Innokin iTaste DRV! The Innokin iTaste DRV (I’ve decided the DRV stands for DRIVE) is a variable voltage automobile pass-through device that looks more like a fancy gearshift knob than it does an eCigarette. It includes a manual button and an auto switch for vape settings on the fly. At first [...]