Vaping as a Hobby and Lifestyle
Vaping – Hobby and Lifestyle? Here’s How to Tell

Over the last decade, vaping has grown popular and is not stopping any time soon. A huge number of individuals find vaping so fascinating as a hobby and lifestyle as well. Some confuse the hobby with a lifestyle as vaping satisfies both. It has turned out to be a recreational activity that no one is [...]

Is Vaporizing Bad for Your Teeth? The Truth About E-Cigs’ Impact on Your Oral Health
Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth? Let’s Look…

Is vaping only a trendy alternative to smoking or is there more to it? Contradictory news about the potential side effects box mods may have on your overall health in general and oral health, in particular, is the cause of massive confusion among smokers and vapers alike. The truth is that vaping has surprisingly less [...]