Mix and Match - What's the best way to mix strains?
Mix and Match – What’s the Best Way to Mix Strains?

It is not uncommon for frequent cannabis users to have a favorite strain combination. Some feel when you mix certain strains together it can give you a completely different experience than if you were to consume each strain by itself. Both recreational and those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes combine different strains for different [...]

How LED Grow Lights Work
Cannabis Growers Can USE LED Grow Lights

 Unlike HID lights, LEDs use metal semiconductors instead of gas to transform electricity into photons (light). Different materials produce light of specific frequencies. Today’s full-spectrum LED grow lights use various semiconductor materials to produce all the necessary frequencies on the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum. The PAR spectrum, ranging from around 420-750 nanometers, is the [...]