Death Bubba Strain Review
Death Bubba Strain Review

What is Death Bubba Strain? Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush strain. Death Bubba strain has a sedative and mellow high that can last for hours on end, making it a perfect choice for those looking to relax after a long day. This strain [...]

Best Hybrid Weed Strains
The Best Hybrid Weed Online in Canada

  What is Hybrid weed? Are you wondering what is hybrid weed? Cannabis has three strain categories, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Hybrid weed refers to the strain of cannabis flower being a cross of Indica strain and Sativa strain, hence the name hybrid. Hybrid weed provides a balance of the types of high associated with Sativa and [...]

When Light’s Out Means Light’s Out – Delta THCjd Line
When Light’s Out Means Light’s Out – Delta THCjd Line

For some reason, the new Light's Out collection from DeltaExtrax intrigued me so much I wanted to buy one from each category. I purchased another jar of the 2500mg/Jar of Root Beer Float Gummies. These sweet and delicious root bear flavor soft gummies contain THC-H with THC-JD and Live Resin to boot.  When they are not [...]

NEW! DeltaExtrax Lights Out Disposable Delta THC Collection

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about the newest products coming for DeltaExtrax for a while now. Their new Lights Out Collection is an amazing collection of wicked powerful disposable vapes that you need to try for yourself. Now I understand that some Delta THC users like different products, like DeltaExtrax gummy’s or PreRolls, or disposables [...]