Island Fluff From Hurricane Vapor

Island Fluff Review From The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Hurricane Vapor describes Island Fluff, its newest addition to its Tropical Collection, as:  Experience a combination to die for. A luscious tropical medley of Kiwi & Lychee, swimming in Marshmallow fluff. Sweet and fruity notes are rounded out with a light and creamy marshmallow backend, creating one of [...]

Fog Milk by Hurricane Vapor

Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team - Fog Milk  [TOC] (This review spans two pages) The history between Hurricane Vapor and Spinfuel eMagazine goes back a long way. We’ve covered just about every major event from them, and today we cover one more… A brand new line of Storm Juice called “Fog Milk”. For the Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Protocols please [...]

Hurricane Vapor Storm Juice Two New Flavors

It has been a while since we last visited Hurricane Vapor. The way in which this premium eLiquid company has taken off in the past year or so and gained an incredible following proves how right we were all those months ago when we told our readers just how amazing these South Miami eLiquids are. Brimming [...]

Vanilla Sky eLiquid Review – Hurricane Vapor

Hurricane Vapor eLiquid Review - Vanilla Sky In development for almost half a year, Hurricane Vapor finally took the wraps off their long-awaited new Storm Juice, Vanilla Sky. It is, in a word, scrumptious. Dripping with luscious vanilla flavoring, this ‘tobacco house’ blend will please even the most stubborn Vapers. Vanilla Sky went on sale last week [...]

First Review Hurricane Vapor Papaya Milkshake!

Hurricane Vapor Unveils New Flavor – Papaya Milkshake Hurricane Vapor’s Papaya Milkshake has earned the Spinfuel Choice Award! Hurricane Vapor, a fairly new e-Liquid vendor from Miami Florida has hit the vape community scene running and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. The premium e-Liquid vendor unveiled the 12th official flavor in their Storm Juice lineup [...]

Belgium Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor

Belgium Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor I am more than aware that there are people that review eLiquids who use certain ‘descriptive’ words in attempts to describe, as best they can, the characteristics of certain ‘flavors’. I am just as guilty as anyone else, hell I’m probably quiliter than most. Words like “Rich”, “smooth”, “deep”, “intense”, and [...]

Julia Barnes Talks to Hurricane Vapor’s Christian and Miguel

Assistant Editor Julia Barnes recently spoke with Christian Vargas and Miguel Monterrey of Hurricane Vapor to discuss several interesting issues concerning the modern eCigarette industry as well as several topics about Hurricane Vapor specifically. Below are the highlights of their discussion. If you have not yet read the Spinfuel Review, you can access it below. SPINFUEL: [...]