Lost Art e-Liquid Review A Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Team Review
Lost Art Liquids Review by the Spinfuel Team

It isn’t new that the bigger online vendors have been selling more and more eliquid. It makes sense because when these vendors buy vape juice to sell to their customers they can offer prices that are much less than local vape shops can. Lost Art Liquids, a premium eliquid company, sells thousands of bottles through [...]

HellCat by SubOhmCell Full Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
HellCat Tank by SubOhmCell – A Full Kit Review

While reviewing the next three flavors from the vape juice manufacturer Vapor Soul, we were treated to several HellCat Sub-Ohm Tanks to aid in the review. Because we enjoyed working so with the HellCat so much, it was decided that a standalone review for this excellent sub-ohm tank would be in the best interest of our [...]

Detroit Rock Candy Eliquid Review

The review for Detroit Rock Candy begins like this: The Vape Bar,  where you will soon forget about the flavor profile you showed up to find for an E-Juice recommended by the shop or a random customer eager to share with you their experience. This challenge of E-Juice selection is something I love taking part in when [...]