Halo – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Five Halo eLiquids Note from the editor – Halo Cigs has been reviewed many times in the past three and a half years of Spinfuel’s history. However, this review, while covering some eliquids reviewed before, is being conducted by our new Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. You can find the other reviews by using our slide out [...]

Halo Triton & Eliquid Review

Halo Triton Kit & e-Liquids by Daily Vape TV If you're in the market for a great starter kit or if you're looking to get a friend off smoking, make sure you check out the the Halo Triton kit from Halo! Definitely a significant upgrade from a cigalike and at a reasonable price. If you are [...]

VCCT Tampa Smokenjoey Halo Triton
Smokenjoey – Halo Triton Kit

SJ Reviews the new Halo Triton Starter Kit (retail version) For any new vaporers that want to switch to electronic cigarettes then this is a must see video. Check out Halo's retail Triton Starter Kit. You get a 650mah battery, Triton Clearomizer, USB Charger and eLiquid for 24.99. Find out what I think of this beginner [...]

Three Starter Kits For New Vapers

Starter Kits For New Vapers The secret to finding the right e-cigarette is discovering one that satisfies you and keeps you off tobacco cigarettes. Sound easy doesn’t it? Like a few million smokers or recent ex-smokers in the US and UK you’ve decided it's time to leave tobacco cigarettes in the past. You enjoyed smoking, but you’ve [...]

The New Halo Cigs Triton – The Review

 Halo Cigs Triton Series By John Manzione Several months ago I was privy to information that Halo Cigs, maker of one of the best selling cig-a-likes on the market, the G6, was working on a larger battery ‘system’ for vapers who progress from the mini-battery kits (like the G6) to something that can produce even more vapor [...]