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PG vs. VG or, Why Does My Vape Juice Taste Like That?
PG vs. VG or, Why Does My Vape Juice Taste Like That?

If you’re new to vaping or even if you’ve been around for a while, it’s important to know and understand the differences and similarities between [...]

History of Vaping Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Academic Article: History of Vaping

These days the vaping industry is generating billions of dollars annually. The tech behind modern vaping is quite robust and quickly evolving as new companies [...]

MediPen CBD Vaporizer Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Medically Proven MediPen CBD Vaporizer Review

The MediPen CBD Vaporizeris one of the original CBD Scientific Evidence Proving CBD’s Benefits. It bills itself as the world's first all natural cannabis vaporizer, due to [...]

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Fishbone vs. Goblin RDA’s Compared

RDA Comparison, Fishbone vs. Goblin by J. C. Martin, III Introduction Recently, I have been afforded the opportunity to vape with a few different rebuildable sub-tank like atomizers. [...]

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Simplified Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety

Simplified Battery Safety by J. C. Martin, III Introduction It is sometimes confusing for new vaping enthusiasts whether or not their coils are safe for their batteries. Here [...]

Coil Building - To Torch or Not to Torch - Spinfuel VAPE
Coil Building: To Torch or Not to Torch

Coil Building 101 To Torch or Not to Torch  by J. C. Martin, III Quasi Prolog When I received the Mutation XS V4 Mini RDA, I decided to do [...]

Problems Only Vapers Have

Problems Only Vapers Have It took you months, maybe years, to finally make the switch. You listened to your friends go on and on about how [...]

Temperature Control Vaping Explained
How Does Temperature Control Work Anyway?

How Does Temperature Control Work In The DNA 40? While I was at VCCT I was able to ask Oscar Rodriguez from VaporShark exactly how the [...]

Daily Vape TV Lineage Vapors Cloud Comp SF
Lineage Vapors’ Cloud Competition

Daily Vape TV Pays A Visit To Lineage Vapors A great time for a great cause, proceeds were raised to benefit Adam Webster (Kennedy Mods) and [...]

Vaping and Caring for your Gear

Spinfuel's Guide to Vaping - Take Care of Your Gear We have all heard well the endless and incessant talk about battery safety and the need [...]

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E Cigarettes And Clearomizers

Clearomizers - What you need to know For many people just getting started with vaping with e cigarettes, (and trust me, all of us were new [...]

storing e liquid properly
Storing e Liquid

Spinfuel's Guide To Vaping - Properly Storing e Liquid Introduction One subject that I think we can all appreciate, as Vapers — and one that many of [...]

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e Cigarette Advice From Ask-A-Sir

Introduction Humble greetings and warmest felicitations on the turning of the New Year to you all! Major Edmund Thaddeus Browning (Retired) here. Allow me to welcome [...]

battery apv manzione
Choosing The Right Battery for your APV

Spinfuel Guide To Vaping - Batteries for your Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) Introduction  Battery technology has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Advancements are coming fast and [...]

Castle MillAmp
Understanding MilliAmp Hours

Spinfuel Guide To Vaping - MilliAmp Hours Introduction As a new Vaper, one of the technical specifications you’re bound to run into when dealing with the question [...]