Vaptio Capt’n Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Vaptio Capt’n 220W TC Starter Kit Review

Note*This review for the new Vaptio Capt’n Starter Kit is not the Capt’n and Paragon Tank Starter Kit announced in our Giveaway. We will provide a separate review in the near future for the Paragon Sub-Ohm Tank.  Over the last year I’ve made a lot of tongue-in-cheek comments about vape companies having defense lawyers on retainer for [...]

Vaptio Super BAT Mod Review
Vaptio Super BAT 220W Starter Kit Review

At the time of this writing, I JUST finished writing a review of the iJOY Avenger, which looked like Iron Man, and had questionable voice control features. (“Jarvis” it was not…) So, when thinking about testing a mod designed like a flippin’ BAT, I was hesitant. But the Vaptio Super BAT Mod Kit surprised me. It’s not [...]