The 2018 FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm REVIEW
FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank (website)  is due to arrive on vendor shelves any minute, definitely in the next week to 10 days anyway, but we’ve been lucky enough, along with several other reviewers, to be testing them for about a month. Because we don’t exactly have great relationships with manufacturers of vape products due to our [...]

FreeMax FireLuke Pro Resin Sub-Ohm Tank Review
FreeMax FireLuke Pro Resin Tank Review

I’m calling it now – 2018 will be the year we see the evolution of the sub-ohm tank. Yeah, it’s a bold statement, but considering the quality of tanks like the FreeMax FireLuke Pro, I’m feeling pretty good about the odds.   As much as we loved the bulbous, oddball original FireLuke, it pales in comparison to [...]

The FreeMax Fireluke Pro Preview by Spinfuel VAPE
FreeMax FireLuke Pro Resin Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

Now THIS is how you do an upgrade! We only just received our FreeMax FireLuke Pro resin sub-ohm tank, but even with just a few hours of using it, we’re already prepping our “best of” lists for 2019. Because, as good as the original FireLuke tank was, the gorgeous resin Pro edition trumps it in [...]

Freemax FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review - Spinfuel VAPE
Freemax FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Since the Freemax Starre PURE (review here) found its way into my Sub-Ohm collection a couple years back, I’ve been a fan of Freemax tanks in general. Not every model has been homerun for me, but for the most part, each tank they offer performs well, and are built with quality materials. The new FireLuke [...]