Next Step - Taking Aim at Vape Influencers
Next Step – Taking Aim at Vape Influencers

Need any more proof that the War on Vaping™ is getting uglier and dirtier every day? Instagram, "the" social media platform around the world has decided to ban Vape Influencers from boasting about vape products for money. Don't worry though; your favorite alcohol beverages can be presented by popular porn stars on instagram any day [...]

Up in Vape: Musings

Up in Vape - Musings Greetings my dear readers, this week’s column, titled “Musings”, as I don't have a real topic to come up with.  First and foremost, I want to congratulate Matt as my winner of the 4 pack of "Wet Stache" eliquid, congrats Matt!   Thanks for commenting, all of you, and I wish I could [...]

Facebook Spinfuel 5000 Likes Giveaway!

FILE UNDER: Facebook Spinfuel 5000 Likes THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED - STAY TUNED FOR MORE GIVEAWAYS! _____________________________________________ We're celebrating today! We finally made to 5000 Likes on Facebook! Giveaway Winners Are: Toni Karas - Arachnid and Exthermal Jen Gagne - EMUS William Basley - BEC Pro Robin Haar - Pulse Vaporfi Isabella V - Selenius Please contact me, Dave acknowledge your winning. Congrats [...]