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Vaping With Julia & K Boston Style!

Vaping with Julia continues! So much as happened this week that I don’t know if I can remember it all, but I’ll try. I guess the biggest news is that I asked K to marry me, she said yes, and now it’s on to planning a wedding for next April. We took the weekend to hang out [...]

7’s e-Cigarettes Review Part 2 – The Hybrid

7’s e-Cigarettes Review Part 2 – The Hybrid For the first part of my 7’s review click this sentence. Part two is the second item I received from Choice 7’s e-Cigarettes. It’s an automatic (manual is not an option), 650mAh ego-style and ego-size lithium-ion 3.7v battery and a unique clearomizer system. It’s attractive, well built, but [...]

The Spinfuel Choice Award – A Deeper Look

Spinfuel Choice Award At the end of last year we made the decision to formally recognize e-Liquid flavors that we believe have an excellent chance to be widely accepted as a terrific “vape”. With five people, all different in their approach to e-cigarettes and with different likes and dislikes for their choices in hardware, e-Juice flavors, [...]

Virgin Vapor E-Liquid Review – 5 Spinfuel Choice Awards

Organic eLiquid Label Virgin Vapor Ah, the e-Liquid Review - The last time we reviewed the organically flavored e-liquids from Virgin Vapor it was way back on July 21st, 2012. To say that things have changed for Annette Rogers, owner and mixologist of Virgin Vapor) would be an understatement. Virgin Vapor has become the place to go [...]

Nicopure eVo e Liquid Review – Is This the Future of eLiquids?

Nicopure eVo eLiquid Review Nicopure Labs, maker of Nicopure eVo eLiquids, not to be confused with eVo Liquids at evovapor.com, contacted Spinfuel by way of Twitter about doing an eLiquid review. One thing led to another and we’re publishing the results of that review below. This review is quite different than any other e-liquid review Spinfuel has done [...]

Third Times The Charm – An e-Liquid Review Mt Baker Vapor

“Third Time’s The Charm” With Mt. Baker Vapor Lead Writer John Manzione, with Tom McBride, Keira Hartley, Jason Little I’m sure not who made the choices this time out for the 12-eJuice flavors in this review but whoever it was chose well. Very well. The flavors we write about today are truly special. Not that every one [...]

Belgium Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor

Belgium Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor I am more than aware that there are people that review eLiquids who use certain ‘descriptive’ words in attempts to describe, as best they can, the characteristics of certain ‘flavors’. I am just as guilty as anyone else, hell I’m probably quiliter than most. Words like “Rich”, “smooth”, “deep”, “intense”, and [...]

Vaping With Julia – “And the beat goes on…”

Vaping With Julia – And The Beat Goes On… “Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain La de da de de, la de da de da…” – Sonny & Cher Boy am I ever glad it’s Friday! This has been one hell of a week. Playing catch up is never fun, and it’s especially ‘not fun’ when [...]

First Look – Blue Drop eLiquid From Mountain Oak Vapors

Mountain Oak Vapors Blue Drop eLiquid Review I don’t do many eLiquid reviews because, well, I leave it to the pros. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team is made up of people (staffers) that have spent hundreds of hours over the past year studying and vaping eLiquids from dozens of brands. They conduct blind taste tests on [...]

What’s John Vaping? 3 Great eLiquid Flavors!

 3 Great eLiquid Flavors This Week I’ve been meaning to write this piece for more than a week and just haven’t had the time to do it. Thankfully the eLiquid flavors I was vaping last week are the same ones I’m vaping this week. And I’ll probably vape them next week and the week after as [...]

Mt Baker Vapor eLiquid 16 eLiquid Flavors Sequel

The Mt Baker Vapor eLiquid Review – A Sequel Our first review of Mt Baker Vapor drew so much attention that a sequel was “greenlit” within the first week of the publication date of the original. It was inevitable. (November 12th, 2012) We strongly suggest that if you have not yet read the first review you do [...]

The Vapor Girl – An eLiquid “Sequel” Review

The Vapor Girl – A Sequel eLiquid Review – Part One Introduction It’s been a few months since we first reviewed several flavors from The Vapor Girl. Because eLiquid companies are always trying out new flavors and tweaking others we are reaching back this year to some of the brands we reviewed last year in order to [...]